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I want to make a lemon, lime & orange marmalade. I have some of the Chelsea jam set sugar. How do you think it will taste, how best to make it, etc. Thanks

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 30, 6:08 pm

It will be lovely. I love a triple citrus marmalade. A friend of mine makes one which is just delicious. I have never used the jam setting sugar, I just use caster sugar

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 30, 7:16 pm

Oh good - I've only got the 1 lime though so should I substitute an orange for a lime or what?

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 30, 7:33 pm

What is the total amount of fruit? Ie weight.

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 30, 7:46 pm

Not sure I understand your question. I have lots of oranges & lemons, just 1 lime. I was going to use the recipe in the Edmonds Cook Book. Being a novice, I'm not sure about lemon or orange quantities!

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 30, 9:13 pm

Basically quantities come down to taste I like a fruity and coarse. a mixture of grapefruit lemons oranges or limes in any ratio seems to work well though a lemon or two in each batch is a good idea.

I use 2 L of fruit pulp, I cut mine in a food processor on a coarse setting, soak the fruit overnight with 2L of water then next day bring to a boil and simmer for about an hour or so until fruit is very soft then add 2Kg of ordinary sugar bring to a brisk boil stirring to stop burning on bottom for around 20 min test for set, then into jars. Always sets well if the fruit isn't over ripe.

Makes about 8 good sized jars.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 30, 9:56 pm

Three fruit marmalade.
preserving pan
sugar thermometer

1 kg of grapefruit [poor-mans oranges]
1 kg navel oranges
2 lemons
4 liters water
5 kg white sugar

slice the fruit thinly, discard pips.
Put the fruit into the preserving pan
cover with the water and leave overnight.
Next morning bring the fruit to the boil and simmer uncovered for 1&1/2 hours.
warm the sugar in the oven
Remove from heat and stir in 5 kg of warmed sugar. Stir to dissolve the sugar, then return the pan to the heat
Boil hard until it reaches 222%F---107%C
heat jars in the oven, boil lids
Put into hot jars and seal. I re use jam jars that self seal.
I don't test jams any more, messsssssy, just use the sugar thermometer.


pickles7 (548 ) 1:27 pm, Sun 12 Sep #77

Chef_pickles7, Jul 30, 10:17 pm

Thank you so much for this. I'll give it a go. Fingers crossed eh :)

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 30, 10:43 pm

Beaker: I note you are on the North Shore. If I could give you my addy and some plums, would you be able to make me some plum jam? I have plums, precut, jars and sugar, just no hands. I will gladly trade jam for making it up. Ta.

Chef_juli55, Jul 30, 10:53 pm

That would be such an awesome deal BUT I'm quite a bit further north (just under 3 hours) than the North Shore ): !

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 31, 8:58 am

Thanks pickles7 - I've written it down.

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 31, 8:59 am

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone - with your help I will make some lovely jam.

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 31, 9:01 am

Could happen, put your contact in a question on the Auction I have running and I will phone you.

Edit to add I am a jam maker but no expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 31, 9:16 am

what is 222%F? This must be an American recipe showing fahrenheit first and also the spelling of litres as liters is a giveaway, you might want to tweak the copied recipe.
maneqr1, have some fun. Not sure if you have grapefruit as I didn't see it on your list.

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 31, 9:46 am

Microwaved lemon marmalade.

4 Meyer lemons. = 1 pound, or, 454.54 Grams
1 & 3/4 cups of sugar.

remove the pips from the lemons carefully.
Whizz up the lemons with the sugar, until they are a fine to medium, mush.
Put it into a heavy microwave dish.
Microwave on high for 5 minutes, stir.
Microwave for another 5 minutes, stir.
Microwave for 2 more minutes.

Mine set very well made 1 & 1/4, jars.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 31, 11:22 am

Remove from the heat to stir and dissolve the sugar.
A very worthwhile hint, as you are setting out making jams. maneqr1.
The sugar should be completely dissolved before the jam reaches the boil, otherwise it will be difficult to set and the finished jam will sometimes be sugary.
Some of my jams set in 5 minutes. Over cooking your jam causes you to lose a few jars, water evaporates fast at that stage.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 31, 11:31 am

As you only have one lime, you wont get much of the taste of it with the other fruit, but that's ok. What I meant by weight was how much fruit you have. Just add more of the lemon and orange, so it wont quite be a lime lemon and orange, but will be just fine.

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 31, 11:34 am

i hv just made some marmalade, first timer). came out very nice . you might want to try. it's easy to make. and doesn't take long.
• 3 lge grapefruit (800 gms)
• 600 gms sugar
Boil the grapefruit for 30 minutes, drain, then allow to cool.
Cut grapefruit in half then into fine or chunky slices, as you prefer.
Weigh the fruit then add three-quarters of its weight in sugar (3 grapefruit should give you about 800 gms of fruit, requiring 600 gms of sugar).
Place in a large saucepan and heat slowly until the sugar melts, stirring continuously. Simmer for 40 minutes, stirring, or until the marmalade starts to jell.
Pour into hot, clean jars and seal. Makes about three 400 gm jars

Chef_hoonguek, Jul 31, 12:29 pm

I've done it cookessentials. Using my 'nicer slicer/dicer' I have sliced up oranges, lemons, grapefruit & the 1 lime - equal 2 litres. It is currently sitting in the big pot with 2 litres of water. It smells divine :). I will make it up tomorrow afternoon. BTW, what would happen if I used the 'jam set' sugar? It's just that I have 2kg of it. I can get some sugar from Bin Inn tomorrow whilst up in Kerikeri but just interested re the jam set sugar.

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 31, 4:09 pm


Chef_maneqr1, Jul 31, 4:10 pm

Thanks for this :)

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 31, 4:11 pm

Well done, you will get a heap of confidence now. The jam setting sugar means less cooking time basically. If you have it, by all means use it. I have given you a link below for Chelsea Sugars FAQ page in regards to jams and marmalades, I am sure you will find it helpful. I have always used caster sugar because it dissolves quickly and it gives you a very clear jam or marmalade. Caster sugar is often used in competitions at the A&P shows.

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 31, 4:23 pm

Thanks so much for all the info. Pity we can't swap addresses - I could send you some of the final product! I'm going to the Food Show in Auckland on Saturday - really looking forward to it. I will be using the jam for my 'tgeus' - that's an anagram? ! If you get my drift. Don't want to break any rules here. Have to say, I'm quite excited about jam making :)

Chef_maneqr1, Jul 31, 5:42 pm

Fantastic, so pleased it worked for you. Its so simple really, isn't. It? Now you have cracked it nothing can stop you. If you like apricots you should try my tangy apricot jam when they are on season, its delicious. The recipe is on here somewhere and a number of posters have made it.

Chef_cookessentials, Aug 1, 7:20 am

too good to lose

Chef_bev00, Aug 1, 11:16 pm

and again

Chef_bev00, Aug 2, 12:19 am

I recently made Rowan Bishop's "Life's Too Short Marmalade" which contains no water at all, and minimal sugar. A bit fiddly, and a small yield, but a great set and a fresh intense fruity flavour which isn't masked by sugar, as many jams are. (I used even less sugar than the recipe states.)


Chef_kaddiew, Jan 28, 1:56 pm

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