Recipe for using up liquor?

Howdy folks!

I have a bottle of liquor (similar to Baileys Irish Cream) that is due to expire soon, and was hoping to turn it into a slice or cake.

Does anyone have a recipe that will use the most of the bottle? I've found a Godiva chocolate cake recipe that uses about 200mls, but I'm keen to use more.

Appreciate any advice, thanks!

Chef_sooby, May 17, 7:53 pm

Mousse? Cake? HEAPS of recipes on google that use booze, like this one:

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 8:16 pm

Cheers awoftam!

Chef_sooby, May 17, 8:38 pm

ice cream?

Chef_jonnynotions, May 18, 10:19 am


Chef_fantail8, May 18, 4:48 pm

cool, got a recipe fantail8?

Chef_sooby, Jul 27, 1:04 pm

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