Eatting frozen peas at lunchtime

Was wondering how Watties get them out of the pod without squashing them anybody know?

Chef_glynsmum, May 2, 2:53 pm

They don't tend to squash when you shell them. mmmm love fresh peas, not a lot make it from the garden to being cooked if I'm picking and shelling them.

Chef_kirmag, May 2, 3:09 pm

They're quite firm when fresh picked.

Chef_lythande1, May 2, 4:29 pm

+1 :-)

Chef_books4nz, May 2, 9:43 pm

+ 100 - I can confidently say none of mine get to steamer or saucepan - they are so delicious raw!

Chef_esther-anne, May 2, 9:59 pm

Sorry I'm sure Watties McCains don't have special people just to pod peas,I agree nothing nicer than pickind a nd podding fresh from garden.

Chef_glynsmum, May 3, 11:09 am

The shelling is done in the field where the Peas are being harvested. They now have a very large harvester that cuts the peas along the ground separated the pea pods from the vine material, then the pods are kind of beaten to break them loose from their pods. The loose peas are them transferred to another truck for delivery to the processing plant.
At the plant most of the peas while already loose some still need further poding. --so as the peas cross certain screens the screens are made small enough that only peas can fit thru and the pods being too large go over the end and are separated from the cleaned peas.
Bottom line 99% of the peas are shelled by equipment. But there are a few human inspectors later in the operation who do pull out the pods that are missed. (those are thrown out - too costly to do by hand.)

Chef_rainrain1, May 3, 12:54 pm

Thanks rain rain that answers my question.

Chef_glynsmum, May 3, 3:40 pm

I just love them frozen.
I tell the kids it's pea ice cream

Chef_jude343, Aug 27, 6:00 am

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