Pressure cooker - what to buy

I need to buy a new pressure cooker, and am thinking of the one that is a pressure cooker and slow cooker. I have read mixed reviews and am unsure what to get. I mostly use the pressure cooker for making soup, and have only used a slow cooker once, which was sort of successful. Would I be better with just a pressure cooker, or are the pressure/slow cookers the best thing since sliced bread.

Chef_supercat3, Jun 1, 8:13 pm

I have always used a traditional pressure cooker but a few years ago I tried a Breville Express cooker. I converted- it is great, I use it in preference to my standard pressure cooker. My sister bought one too and she loves hers. There are some in expired listings so you can see what they look like. They have an inner pot that pulls out like a crock pot. It pressure cooks-has a release valve thingy , so easy to take lid off after cooking, control can keep food hot, so easy to use.

Chef_pengy2, Jun 1, 8:58 pm

The non stick in our well used express cooker is gradually wearing out,
great little device though! Spare parts like the main rubber gasket no long available now - at least that's what I've been told.
Isn't there a newer version can sear meat and be used as a slow cooker?

Chef_wron, Jun 1, 9:25 pm

I love my Breville Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker. All in one sears, warms, salutes too. Can recommend. Love it. Easy to use, easy to clean.

Chef_lindylambchops1, Jun 1, 10:08 pm

I bought one because my mum's old pressure cooker wouldn't work on my induction hob & I love it. The sear function is very useful.

Chef_samanya, Jun 2, 12:51 pm

I have the Breville one too. So good to be able to do everything in the one appliance.

Chef_squeakygirl, Jun 2, 2:52 pm

I'm not sure if this is relevant but I was just reading an article about whether a pressure cooker or slow cooker was better for making stock. The pressure cooker won hands down and I was left wondering what a slow cooker was best at?

I think I would prefer a simple pressure cooker made out of stainless steel with a safety plug and a weight where you listen to the whistle?

Chef_jh34, Jun 2, 7:28 pm

I have the Breville one. If has taken me an few attempts to get it right. I still haven't perfected it so that beef is tender and moist. Often dry. There are 3 pressure settings but I don't know which one to use. I also had problems with the buttons. I couldn't get it to turn on first few uses. Don't know what I'm doing differently but it works now. The seal is tricky to get in the right way. Has an arrow that is hard to see, and it says to point it up. Well which way is up with a pot lid? I got mine from a seconds warehouse a lot cheaper. Bear in mind it is not huge if you have a big family. Not sure you'd fit many lamb shanks in it for example. Have made some yummy soups this week on slow cook and the inner bowl is light and easy clean.

Chef_wendalls, Jun 2, 7:44 pm

They are

Chef_illusion_, Jun 2, 11:14 pm

Recommend the Breville Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker

Chef_thewomble1, Jun 3, 8:18 pm

Have dealt with these guys and know them to be good

feel free of course to find a better deal

Chef_illusion_, Jun 3, 8:25 pm

I don't mean to be a kill joy but I read around and the advice was
stainless steel with layer base for heat dispersion
Stay away from electric (for one thing you can't run them under water).
and my own advice (having had problems making pea soup) get a BIG one as a proportion of the pot is for building up pressure.

Chef_jh34, Jun 4, 5:23 pm

Stop "reading around"

of course you dont put the electrics under water. the bits that get washed lift off/out. even dishwasher safe

Chef_illusion_, Jun 5, 9:17 am

I have an old Hawkins and still going 40 years later. MIL bought it for me at an auction and it seemed oldish then! Go for an old Hawkins.

Chef_denzie, Jun 18, 10:43 pm

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