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A few years ago I think there was an amazing thread on slow cooker recipes. I seem to remember someone downloaded them and converted them to a file and then emailed it to whoever asked for it. Does anyone else remember this?

Chef_coach2, May 30, 6:35 pm

Yes, I remember that thread luckygirl28 - it was back when slow cookers were usually just known as Crock-Pots although they too were/are slow cookers and Crock-Pot was/is actually a brand-name. From memory I think the trader's name was something like juli or something similar beginning with 'J'.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, May 31, 1:01 am

You are right :) jtonkin used to list them, perhaps if asked on one of her current auctions. :

Chef_mjhdeal, May 31, 6:30 am

Thank you 245sam and mjhdeal. Will let you know the outcome.

Chef_coach2, May 31, 3:31 pm

Hi guys - yes it was me who compiled the book for everyone. Sadly my desktop died around 6 months ago which had everything on it - I haven't managed to recover the files yet but will let you know if I do :)

Chef_jtonkin, May 31, 3:41 pm

Good news! I have found it on a backup I did of my desktop :D I can email it to you if you like, but it is set up to print like a book - you would need to just use it on word and search the recipies or you can print on one side, turn the paper round and put back through the printer and it would probably come out the same. I used to take it to Warehouse Stationary to print it for everyone. or I may be able to fiddle with it to take it back to one page to make it easier to read on word - unsure how to get your email address tho.

Chef_jtonkin, May 31, 3:49 pm

Please can I have a copy also, my address is my trademe name at gmail dot com

Chef_weaselsmum, May 31, 3:59 pm

Just for the next hour or two I've made a change to a webpage on a site I host so you can grab it on line - remember its set up as a book so won't be much use unless you do searches :) click on the green square in the middle of the page (the one on the white) and it will download. I'll have to take it offline in a couple of hours to so if you want it click on it before 6pm :)

Chef_jtonkin, May 31, 4:00 pm

jtonkin - you are a legend !

Chef_tex-tickle, May 31, 4:06 pm

I think I have a baking one also - I'm searching for it for you :)
If I find it I will put a pink square next to the green one lol

Pink Square is there now too :D

Chef_jtonkin, May 31, 4:13 pm

All gone now - hope you got it :)

Chef_jtonkin, May 31, 6:15 pm

OH no. I just came back to the thread. can anyone email it to me? I can leave my email addy on an auction.

Chef_coach2, May 31, 6:54 pm

Awwwww. shame the link is no longer available with the slow cooking & baking recipes

Chef_lindylambchops1, Jun 1, 10:21 pm

There is a slow cooking recipe site on face book that is very good . You could google " Slow cooker central "

Chef_el.ken, Jun 1, 11:35 pm

A few years ago, a few trade me members actually published a recipe book 📚. Must have been at least 12 years ago.

Chef_family007, Jun 2, 3:51 pm

yes, one of the reasons some people "bump up" threads before they fall off the bottom of the list after a year- although a lot here do not like the practice and moan about it.

Never mind - here are are some newer recipes:

Chef_fishplants, Jun 3, 2:19 pm

check out this is from a FB page as well
HEAPS of SC idea, really good
there are a couple of good pages on FB that are good where ppl can share ideas and pics :-)

Chef_dn_filly, Jun 6, 9:51 pm

I have only just stumbled across this thread and would love a copy of the cookbook!

Chef_ks1968, Jun 7, 6:23 pm

So would I. Have been away and story of my life - missed the bus AGAIN!

Chef_rasin11, Jun 8, 9:42 pm

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