Vanilla Cake Recipe

As a cake maker I hate it when people ask for vanilla cake. I think it is boring and most flavourless cake to make which is why I don't have a recipe. Can I please have a tried and true recipe. I need to make a doll cake for a friend.

Chef_marcs, Apr 8, 1:29 pm

Use your favourite chocolate cake and replace the cocoa with extra flour. Add lots of vanilla essence for flavouring

Chef_waswoods, Apr 8, 9:07 pm

Use vanilla bean paste - you need to be able to taste the vanilla

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 8, 9:28 pm

OK thank you. I have found a recipe that has custard in it so hopefully it is moist.

Chef_marcs, Apr 8, 11:24 pm

This is brilliant for novelty cakes.
Madeira Cake.
This is a firm cake and good to cover with fondant.
As a cake decorator this is the recipe I always use. It comes out lovely and moist and keeps that way for days. Makes 2 medium cakes or 1 large cake. Gave this recipe on here a few weeks ago and baker was delighted how well it turned out.
1 cup milk
125gm butter. Bring these to the boil
In a mixer, beat 4 eggs and gradually adds 2 cups sugar, 1 pkt lemon jelly crystals and 1 tsp vanilla essence. Beat until thick, then add 2 and a 1/4 cups of plain flour, 1/4 tsp salt and 2 tsp baking powder. Mix then quickly stir in the boiled milk and butter. Turn the mixture into two 7 or 8 inch lined tins and bake 180c for 20 minutes. If using a novelty shaped pan bake the whole mixture for 40 minutes at 180c or until skewer comes out clean.
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Chef_fifie, Apr 9, 9:30 am

Yes it is but madeira cake isn't vanilla cake if that's what people want

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 9, 10:16 am

I use an amazing vanilla dream cake but I'm not sure it would be solid enough for a dress. I'll link the recipe anyway incase anyone wants it. Very moist almost mud cake like.

Chef_luvmykicks, Apr 9, 1:01 pm

Chef_luvmykicks, Apr 9, 1:03 pm

I did look at that one luvmykicks but wasn't sure. I have found one that is oil based from Cake Boss cook book. Though I might give that one a go as it is oil based and I find oil based cakes are very moist. The cook states 2 cups of Italian custard with the recipe.

Chef_marcs, Apr 9, 4:07 pm

Worth a Crack. I think the vanilla dream cake recipe would work if you possibly froze it before you carved it as it would he quite crumbly otherwise

Chef_luvmykicks, Apr 10, 8:51 pm

The one that I posted did not work. It came out doughy. Flavour was nice. Gave up and just make my vanilla cupcake recipe into a cake. That turned out really nice.

Chef_marcs, Apr 13, 3:00 am

I shouldn't but I do. buy an Edmonds Golden Buttercake packet mix.
It is so nice, with vanilla icing and coconut on top. try it, you may be pleasantly surprised

Chef_korbo, Apr 15, 3:46 pm

Cake . cupcakes . same thing.

Chef_waswoods, Oct 9, 7:01 am

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