** Phillips airfryer XL. opinions please?

Looking at buying one? Not sure as pretty costly. Opinions please?

Chef_trinoxy, Jul 27, 8:32 am

I have that model and size Air-fryer - and I love it. I also use it much more than I thought I would as it is really handy for reheating food, as well as cooking it :-) Leftover roast veggies are fabulous heated in it - and the other evening I reheated of corn and veggie fritters that I had cooked the previous day and they came out crisp and delicious too. Even though most of the time I am only cooking for two, I would not want a smaller size model, as they don't fit that much in them. Overall I have been really happy with it and would recommend it to others. Hope that helps.

Chef_pony_girl, Feb 7, 5:48 am

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