Anyone watch Save with Jamie?

For anyone still looking for large, trimmed, boneless flat slabs of brisket for slow roasting - as Jamie Oliver used in his Save with Jamie series last year - I've just seen it in my local PaknSave, among the specialty cuts. Not that cheap I guess at $11.99kg, but nice big clean pieces.

Chef_kaddiew, May 28, 11:58 am

I just saw it in pieces with little actual meat at a butcher on the north shore and it wasn't cheap. $11.99 sounds good if it's got plenty of meat. As long as it's got the marbling as the previous poster said.

Chef_wendalls, May 28, 10:20 pm

He cooked a roast brisket. Can we buy this here? The only brisket I've ever seen is rolled, maybe corned, and looks nothing like what he had.

Chef_pamellie, Jul 1, 8:05 am

You can buy pieces of brisket but I have never seen one as clean as his.
Ours are covered in hunks of fat and usually with the bones still in (as it's from the rib area).

You can buy big pieces of other stewing meat though. no reason you couldn't treat them the same as he did. in effect he braised it not roasted it.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 1, 8:26 am

I've not seen a piece of brisket like that here, either. But it looked delicious. He browned and flavoured it, then slow cooked it for 4 hours (although 170 isn't that low?), so I agree, you could do same with any large piece of stewing meat.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 1, 9:41 am

I would pop into a butchers and ask them . could be we do have it but call it something else . as to braising I thought that was done in a pot with more water than he used

Chef_motorbo, Jul 1, 10:16 am

Yes, to me it definitely looked more of a roast than a braise.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 1, 11:55 am

Thought this was great in how this was presented.

Recipe in the above link part of his website to his "saving with Jamie"


Chef_valentino, Jul 1, 1:37 pm

I have just been to the mad butcher and asked the lady on the counter but she didn't really know. Next time I am at the 'real' butchers I will ask. I bought a topside roast so will try that.

Chef_pamellie, Jul 1, 3:50 pm

Try the Aussie Butcher next time. They are fantastic there. They'll make up whatever I ask them for. Describe what you want and they'll do it.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 1, 5:15 pm

I agree buzzy, I get them to bone some roasts for me sometimes and they are always very willing.

Chef_eljayv, Jul 1, 10:16 pm

And they are always happy to joint several ducks at a time for me and when I buy lamb shoulder I get them to run the bone through their saw to make it easier to carve.

Like you, I've also asked them to bone out a particularly tricky piece of meat because they can do, in 5mins flat, what takes me 20mins or more. They are great.

A butcher in my local Aussie Butcher didn't balk at spending time showing me how to tie a butcher's knot and then he gave me a ball of butcher's twine. So helpful.

They are the best. I've tried getting that sort of service from the supermarket but I've been told that the cut I want has to be ordered in when I want it then and there. Another told me he couldn't joint a fresh duck because of contamination. For heaven's sake. It is supposed to be a Butchery Department. Instead, they buy in all their cuts and all they do is package it up if it isn't already packaged. Worse still, the butchers go home at 1pm and only the shelf stockers are left.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 2, 1:16 pm

Pot roasting involves a lot of liquid. braising to me, was always onions - and whatever, and a covered dish. which is what he did. You couldn't really just bung it in uncovered like a chook. Well, maybe but I wouldn't.

+1 for Aussie butcher. I'd ask them about other stewing cuts, they have large hunks that would be suitable. I bet the brisket wouldn't work out that economical once they trimmed and boned it. you could ask, they do that for free there but. mm.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 2, 3:54 pm

Thanks everyone. Next time I am out that way I will check with the Aussie butcher. I have always found them helpful and friendly whenever I have been in there.

Chef_pamellie, Jul 2, 4:12 pm

Brisket pieces from the mad butcher work amazing in this recipe the staff in the henderson one are so helpful in there. Also their shin of beef for Jamies osco busco recipe tastes delish although i do mine in the slow cooker works a treat 😊😊😊

Chef_frier, Jul 2, 4:34 pm

The Aussie Butcher does not have shops further south than Tauranga. like frier, I have found the staff at the Mad Butcher, Export meats and some supermarkets very helpful. And unlike other posters, the supermarket, where I do the bulk of my shopping, has butchers and fishmongers on duty all day. Only the bakers finish early.

Chef_kay141, Jul 2, 4:45 pm

Just asked a butcher at PaknSave if they could do a large clean piece of brisket needed for this recipe, and he said no problem at all. He was a Brit, knew exactly what I meant, and said he slow roasts it himself on a barbecue, for 6 hours.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 4, 2:42 pm

I've never had any problem getting special cuts from butchers at supermarkets or the Mad Butcher either, but they do need some notice as they start the butchering at 3.30am. I doubt you could go in during the afternoon and expect a special cut there and then, as there is unlikely any meat left to butcher, but an order the day before has been enough.

Chef_kay141, Jul 4, 2:55 pm

Well said Kay141, great experiences for years from the Mad butcher. Must try out the brisket on the BBQ soon thanks for tip ;)

Chef_frier, Jul 4, 3:03 pm

I really enjoyed the show, watched it again on +1 to see a few methods he used again. Looking forward to tonight's show.

Chef_goodbooks, Jul 6, 2:42 pm

Me too. From the promo, tonight's show looks equally good.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 6, 2:46 pm

Tonight show -
'Save With Jamie Sat-05-Jul 19:30
Rating: G
New Episode. Jamie Oliver roasts half a shoulder of pork, with all the trimmings, and turns the leftovers into dim sum buns and meatloaf with spaghetti, with a great tomato and chilli sauce.'

Chef_goodbooks, Jul 6, 2:52 pm

sniff, sniff, we have no power!

Chef_jia5, Jul 6, 6:41 pm

Hope it comes on soon for you.

Chef_goodbooks, Jul 6, 10:12 pm

It looked interesting. I like how the cost and KJ was given as well. I plan to try the meatloaf as usually I am not a big fan of hot meat loaf and prefer it cold. This one looked good. I did notice that he seemed to be a little forced in the animation of his face . but its his TV persona and part of him.

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 6, 10:20 pm

This is the best program he has done IMO. I liked the pork. however you don't have to buy a big roast then make stuff out of the rest like he does.
You can use his recipes if you like them, but it works with things like hangi pork too.
I don't buy giant roasts, I buy smaller ones.
The put things in the freezer I have done for years. it's also a good way to have something ready for quick cooking too, never mind savings.
Quite similar to Rachel Rays 5 in a Day idea.
Except I do it, and not have the same thing all week. mix it up so there is some variety.
And we NZers win on pork price.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 7, 7:58 am

A good tip about the apples for apple sauce too.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 7, 9:27 am

we win on pork price? we don't win at all, they import pork from countries cheaply god knows how the animal is raised or what its injected with - I for one value my body more than that, not to mention the pigs last week on tv living with copious amounts of rats crawling everywhere and having to live in tight quarters next to a dead pig, and feeding her babies standing up with no way to nurture them. this kind of thing breaks my heart because it makes me think have we all become so greedy that we are willing to accept this in order to sit down and eat pork for dinner. im not

I would only buy freedom farm pork or organic if I was buying it.

I notice Jamie does not mention what kind of pork he is using, I think in this day they should, and why focus every valued priced meal around meat, some don't eat meat, some don't eat red meat. though I enjoy the show I would like to see some variety I did feel he used the oven a lot for long periods of time and wondered if this was factored into the costs.

Chef_motorbo, Jul 7, 12:44 pm

I enjoyed the show too - and watched it again on +1

The Vegetable Korma didn't use meat last night as it was all vegetables:

1 heaped teaspoon flaked almonds
2 large sweet potatoes
olive oil
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 thumb-sized piece of ginger
1/2 a bunch of fresh coriander (15g)
1/2-1 fresh red chilli, (optional)
1 handful of curry leaves
1 heaped tablespoon korma curry paste
1 x 400 g tin of chickpeas
1 large cauliflower
1/2-1 lemon
50 g feta cheese, (optional)
4 tablespoons fat-free natural yoghurt

I always get very excited when I can create massive, delicious flavours in curries without using any meat, and as well as being good for you, it's good for your wallet too. To mix things up a bit, instead of using rice I've cooked cauliflower in such a way here that it looks, feels and acts like rice – it's really delicious. Have a go at this tasty recipe and I promise, even your most carnivorous all-man geezer mates will be happy.

Start by toasting the almonds in a large casserole pan until lightly golden, then tip out and set aside. Scrub the sweet potatoes clean, then cut into 4cm chunks and put them into the pan on a medium heat with a lug of oil. Fry for about 5 minutes, or until golden, while you peel the onion, garlic and ginger, then finely slice them with the coriander stalks and chilli (if using – it will give the sauce a real kick). Add the curry leaves to the pan and stir for 1 minute, then add all the sliced veg with the curry paste and cook for another 5 to 10 minutes, or until the onions have softened, stirring occasionally. Add the chickpeas (juice and all) with 600ml of boiling water, then bring everything to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook for around 30 minutes, or until thickened.

Meanwhile, click off and chop the cauliflower leaves, then finely slice the stalk and add both to the curry for the rest of the cooking time. Cut the florets into even-sized chunks and pulse in a food processor until it's the same texture and size as rice. Tip it into a microwave-safe dish and cover. Steam or microwave the cauliflower on high for 7 minutes, or until cooked through, just before serving.

Add a good squeeze of lemon juice to the curry, then season to perfection and crumble over the feta (if using – I think of it here as a nod towards Indian paneer, and it adds a lovely subtle bit of extra flavour). Dollop over the yoghurt and stir it through for that korma creaminess (or serve on the side, if you prefer), then sprinkle with coriander leaves and the toasted almonds. Tip the cauliflower on to a nice serving platter, and dig in.

Whether it's delicious vegetarian or vegan recipes you're after, or ideas for gluten or dairy-free dishes, you'll find plenty here to inspire you. For more info on how we classify our lifestyle recipes please read our special diets fact sheet, or or for more information on how to plan your meals please see our special diets guidance.

Tip - I've used shop-bought paste here, but to save even more pennies, why not try making your own.
Nutritional Information Amount per serving:

Calories 334 17%
Carbs 48.7g 21%
Sugar 13.6g 15%
Fat 7.9g 11%
Saturates 1.1g 6%
Protein 13.6g 30%

Chef_goodbooks, Jul 7, 1:35 pm

Did you not notice he did a vegetarian curry last night ?

And I think the point that the 60 minute show was making last week was that the farm in question with the rats etc had a Freedom Park sticker ?

Its all perception - if you want to imagine your animals were frolicking in the sunshine just before they were killed - if you can't deal with any alternative to that then meat eating is not for you.

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 7, 1:35 pm

We'll try the meatloaf, we haven't added any kind of cheese before, the feta sounds good.

Chef_goodbooks, Jul 7, 1:38 pm

Good to see that you are filling the gap left by Uli.

I'd also just like to point out that in comparison to meat, pulses and soy protein products are cheap anyway so there is probably not the same need to figure out cheaper ways of cooking them, unlike meat, which can be quite expensive.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 7, 1:59 pm

I didn't see anything in the news items to suggest that the farm had a Freedom Farms certification. What I saw was that the appropriate government body that oversees farms and animal welfare, etc, had given it their certification. Obviously the government department involved has very, very low standards and employs people who have no experience experience or expertise in that area. Maybe they just employ school children doing an after school part time job as their inspectors.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 7, 2:05 pm

How about keeping this thread for the recipes in the Save with Jamie Show - as was intended - for those of us who enjoy it.

A debate on the rearing and consumption of - shock horror - meat is for a different thread.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 7, 2:45 pm

Re roasting that pork shoulder last night, did he cook it initially very high for 1-1/2 hours? That seemed about an hour too long, but I probably misheard him. It looked so delicious. I'm quite impressed with this series too. He's not so "try hard" in this show.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 7, 3:07 pm

Im sure he said an hour and a half too! it seamed like ages! I found this recipe online, think its the same one, it says cook at the higher temp for 30 mins ~
Maybe its for a smaller joint of meat from last nights show.

Chef_holly-rocks, Jul 7, 3:18 pm

Yes that's correct. Just watched it again. One and a half hours @ 220C, then add onion, herbs etc. Turn down to 130C for another 2 hours, then add the apples, and back in for the final 2 hours.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 7, 3:20 pm

yes i did see the vege dish my oppsss lol I forgot he did that. i do love Jamie and his shows and im not anti meat, but I am anti cheap meats where one does not know how it was raised or looked after. we don't need to be cruel to farm and enjoy food. look at how many people now only buy free range eggs because they have seen the life a caged chicken has. the media and advertising of these companies hide things from us all . I was so naïve and I still am I have so much to learn .

perception? sorry but how can that be when we saw the imagines on tv.
you have a choice to buy that meat and eat it, and i have a choice too, do you trust overseas farmers.

karlymouse]Did you not notice he did a vegetarian curry last night ?

And I think the point that the 60 minute show was making last week was that the farm in question with the rats etc had a Freedom Park sticker ?

Its all perception - if you want to imagine your animals were frolicking in the sunshine just before they were killed - if you can't deal with any alternative to that then meat eating is not for you.[/quote]

Chef_motorbo, Jul 7, 3:22 pm

You can ask the actual butchers (At the Mad Butcher) out the back and if they have that cut they can trim the fat off and you can get the weigh of meat you require.

Chef_resolutionx, Jul 7, 3:25 pm

Whatever. $5.99kg. I'm happy with that.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 7, 3:27 pm

of course you do, its going into your body so it is your choice

Chef_motorbo, Jul 7, 3:28 pm

Idle question? How old is that show? I thought Jamie looked about 25 or has been resorting to a little bittie botox!

And the pork programme was scrumptious and very thrifty with the three meals he managed to get from that one delicious piece of pork.

Chef_esther-anne, Jul 7, 3:43 pm

I think it's a year old. He's doing series 2 and the book is out for what were seeing. He looked more "thick-set" in the face I thought. Less of a kid having a bit of a lark around!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 7, 3:52 pm

I saw him on tv recently and he looks slimmer

Chef_motorbo, Jul 7, 5:00 pm

Hmmm - will wait until next week and have another look at him.

I am certain there is something different which makes him look younger - is it the darker floppy hair I wonder?

Or maybe I should have gone to specsavers?

Chef_esther-anne, Jul 8, 4:45 pm

Those of you that have found brisket - what sort of cost are we looking at?

Chef_artkat, Jul 8, 5:31 pm

For a nice brisket with some marbling I pay $15 per kilo from a good butcher. You can get it at about $10 from an average butcher but the quality can vary greatly and rarely with any marbling. To be cooking something for 6 hours or more and be not sure whether it will work is not worth the effort. I spend a few extra dollars to make sure it's a good product to start with.

The piece that Jamie used was the flat of the brisket which is the toughest piece to cook. So you need to get the flat with some marbling otherwise tough and dry will be the result. I normally slow cook the point end but do a fair bit of trimming of the fat beforehand.

Chef_wheelmann, Jul 8, 8:08 pm

Just saw on Facebook the Export Meat Warehouse have Boneless Brisket for $9.99/kg this week.

Chef_sandra25, Jul 10, 9:29 am

Looks a lot like a pot roast.

Chef_l*****1, Jul 1, 9:03 pm

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