Smoked salmon on blini with horseradish cream cheese and capers or fresh dill. Chorizo stacked with feta and olives. Nothing too drippy or messy for guests to spill on their clothes.

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 14, 4:45 pm

Bruschetta with a variety of toppings are good but for a real simple one those frozen potato bites (like little round hash browns) and dips are good too

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 15, 1:04 pm

Vol-au-vants (sp?) filled with smoked oysters or mussels in a white sauce. Even those who don't like oysters will eat these!

Chef_rarogal, Jun 17, 12:00 pm

I find that sausage roll sliced thinly, laid on it's side and
cooked for a few minutes, is pretty good .

Chef_raebea, May 15, 11:18 pm

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