No Knead Bread

Often I have seen requests for no knead bread. Have been watching Martha Bakes (by Martha Stewart). Made her Rhubarb upside down cake. That was yum. Anyway trying out her No Knead bread tonight but change the cheese to half cheddar and half feta and added spinach (squeeze the liquid out of the spinach but keep the liquid than add water to make the amount require. Will let you know how it turns out. Here is her recipe

Chef_marcs, Feb 3, 5:37 am

Here is the recipe for Rhubarb Upside Down Cake. I know someone will ask. Just make sure you DON'T use loose base tin or the liquid will run out.

Chef_marcs, Feb 3, 5:41 am

Love no knead bread like that - looks an awesome recipe too. Further down the page decided to look at the very technical explanation/recipe for Macarons (6 mins) well worth a look if this is your thing., Feb 4, 11:00 am

Marcs l have the rhubarb cake in the oven but it is overflowing from the rhubarb so will be interesting to see how it turns out
The batter tasted nice but l think there was too much rhubarb in it so will see how it turns out when finished cooking

Chef_griffo4, Feb 4, 2:51 pm

Mine turned out nice griff04 but then I ended up using spring form tin and the liquid leaked out the bottom. If you like it may be use the 25 cm tin. The ratio for rhubarb was nice. May be the pan needs to be higher. It does say 9 inch which is about 23cm.

Chef_marcs, Feb 4, 10:12 pm

Made the bread last night but found it too heavy. Prefer light breads.

Chef_marcs, Feb 4, 10:13 pm

That is quite cool was of making it. I have the Adriano Zumbo's salted caramel ones from his recipe book and they tuned out very nice as well. This one seems simpler as you don't have to make the sugar syrup.

Chef_marcs, Feb 4, 10:22 pm

Best no knead bread is this one I have made it a hundred times everyone loves it :)

Chef_beaker59, Feb 4, 10:52 pm

Marcs I used a 23 cm tin I am happy with it I just know next time to put a tray under tin
it tastes very nice not too sweet and the crumble makes it really good

Chef_griffo4, Feb 5, 7:38 am

Thanks. I think Martha did that on her show. Also line the tray with foil so that you don't have to scrub the tray afterwards.

Chef_marcs, Feb 6, 2:34 pm

Yep l put baking paper on the tray as l am not into spending ages scraping that off it was like toffee
Very nice with a dollop of clotted cream on top, Yum

Chef_griffo4, Feb 6, 3:21 pm

You can pace some tinfoil under the tin, and curve it up to partly cover the sides in case the mix overflows - or use a larger tin so it won't overflow and waste some of the mix. Cook at the same temperature for 3/4's of the cooking time (as the thickness of the cake will be less, it may cook more quickly), test with a skewer or knife in the centre, and continue cooking until it comes out clean.

Chef_floralsun, Mar 21, 6:57 am

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