Halogen ovens

Has anyone on here one of these? I bought one on Friday and used it to cook chicken pieces and roast potatoes and had no problems but when I went to use it again yesterday the halogen light wouldnt work. Took it back today and got a replacement but again the halogen light isnt working. Is it me or is this just a dud batch. Very frustrating!

Chef_propagator, Jun 29, 2:47 pm

Mine works fine - a newbie to cooking with it (Mum has had one for years) and it works a treat. Take it back. Ask for your money back and buy another brand maybe? Which brand is it?

Chef_awoftam, Jun 29, 6:03 pm

Sunbeam. When I returned it this morning they said they had never had one returned before. But two? I don't know of any other brands. Which do you have?

Chef_propagator, Jun 29, 6:34 pm

I brought one on 3 deals as it was only $49-00 and it is a Singer. I thought 'Uh oh" when I saw it as Singer are sewing machine people however bless its heart it hums away and cooks like a dream.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 29, 7:23 pm

Was that in NZ. ?

Chef_propagator, Jun 29, 9:20 pm

Yea on one of the daily deal websites.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 29, 9:52 pm

The light on mine wont turn on until the handle is pushed down into place, so it lies flush with the lid.

Chef_soozeblue, Jul 8, 4:19 pm

Yea sooze that's their safety device - they don't turn on unless the handle is in the right position. I think OP was using theirs when the light stopped however you raise a good point - maybe it needs to be pushed down firmly or something.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 8, 7:56 pm

i bought one 5 plus years ago for a back up. i finally got to use it in march this year as my other spat the dummy. the light in mine stays on until it reaches the temperature set and then comes on and off.

Chef_aktow, Jul 9, 12:09 am

You could feel better to know that I had to return two Sunbeam Pizza Bake and grill ovens after a short time, both with the same fault

Chef_dalkemade, Jul 9, 7:36 pm

Yip same.

Chef_awoftam, Mar 28, 10:45 pm

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