Chocolate and Renaissance Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

I'm wanting to make the above cake for my 30 students. The recipe is for 1 9 inch cake tin - do you think it will work if I double the mixture and cook it in a rectangular baking tin? My class has been researching the Wellington Chocolate Factory and we discovered local brewer Renaissance used their chocolate nibs in their chocolate stout - I can give my girls the stout but i can bake the cake - any advice gratefully recieved :-)

Chef_murfee, Jun 7, 6:19 pm

Yes it will work well - bake at the same temp as in the recipe, until skewer/knife comes out clean when put into the centre. And keep a note of the time it takes to bake, in case you make double the recipe again.

Chef_floralsun, Jun 14, 5:41 am

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