Ralta crockpot pudding.please help.

Can someone who owns a Ralta Crockpot please tell me if they take longer to cook a pudding (eg chocolate self saucing pud) than modern slow cookers? I have a recipe, but have been told to check out cooking times with someone experienced with a Ralta. This one I have bought has a "Auto shift" setting and a "Hot" setting.

Chef_coverdrive, Jul 12, 8:07 pm

coverdrive, we don't have a Ralta but we do have a Sunbeam Crock-pot which as far as I am aware is the same as the Ralta, except obviously in name.
My understanding is that our crock-pot is definitely a slower cooker than many/most of those that are today known as slow cookers, however I have not used the crockpot to make a self-saucing pudding.
I recommend that you try to source a copy of "Joan Bishop's N.Z. Crockpot and Slow Cooker Cookbook" - I have a couple of her Crockpot books and note that the more recent versions of her book have times for both crock-pots and slow cookers. :-))

Edited to add - there are some of Joan Bishop's books available here on TM e.g. #: 913682582 and #: 914879821. Both of those books look the same as the version that we gave our daughter and from memory it has both Crockpot and Slow Cooker cooking times.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 12, 8:19 pm

My understanding is the older crockpot like ralta will take a bit longer to cook than the newer slow cookers that are hotter and faster.
If you make it in the cooker bowl 2-3 hours high in slow cooker or 3-4 hours high in crockpot.
I often make one in a seperate o/proof dish and sit it on a jam jar ring inside bowl, add about 2 inches boiling water to a pre heated cooker and cook in slow cooker 3-4 hours or my old ralta c/pot about 5-6 hours on high till its done then turn to low to keep warm, sam's right joan bishops books have cooking times for both that i have seen, well worth investing in good recipes to. Auto usually means high 2 hours then it switches to low, not sure what hot is maybe high, or google that should tell you.

Chef_fifie, Mar 19, 2:17 pm

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