Is Carnation lite cream

as advertised on TV as good as proper cream?

Chef_kclu, May 26, 7:04 pm

Yes it is

Chef_barbiegirls, May 30, 7:57 am

It doesn't taste like proper cream, if that's what you mean

Chef_rainrain1, May 30, 9:02 am

Could I be right in thinking it wont whip up with a beater

Chef_dalkemade, May 30, 9:11 am

It should whip up to double in quantity to a light a foamy consistency, if I remember rightly

Chef_rainrain1, May 30, 10:30 am

Must be popular as Countdown were out of stock today.

Chef_nauru, May 30, 4:25 pm

I meant taste if added to a soup or sauce rather than pouring over a dessert. Is being advertised on TV at the moment so if Countdown is sold out lots of people must be trying it.

Chef_kclu, May 30, 5:35 pm

Are you meaning the cream in the cardboard pottle, as opposed to the cream in the tin? The pottle one is very nice

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 29, 2:57 pm

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