Come Dine With Me NZ version

starts tonight TV3 7pm. I have a suspicion we will see some seriously doubtful cooking, and hopefully some good as well!

Chef_strebor1, Jun 16, 4:47 pm

im worried it will be bad cooking lame jokes and drunks

Chef_motorbo, Jun 16, 5:04 pm

Definitely all that I reckon!

Chef_strebor1, Jun 16, 5:11 pm

Pure entertainment.
If you want good cooking, check out the final of US Junior Masterchef next weekend. Eight year old Abby was amazing, although she's not in the final.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jun 16, 5:13 pm

Going to record it to watch later,,,

Chef_bex2211, Jun 16, 5:22 pm

I only saw a few episodes but all those children were amazing and little Abby has a very bright future, shame she has to wait so long to achieve it. She could virtually start her career now.

Chef_kacy5, Jun 16, 7:04 pm

Dine With Me just started and already embarrassing.

Chef_rockie6, Jun 16, 7:10 pm

i havent liked the american version of masterchef. but the jnr one - wow those kids were fantastic, and even the judges improved lol. i look forward to the final

Chef_motorbo, May 23, 10:18 pm

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