Steamed pudding by Kasey on Master Chef

Beautiful book . and yes it is in the book. think it came out last week

Chef_findit1, Apr 26, 3:32 pm

I had a quick look at their new cookbook last week in Whitcoulls. It seemed to have a lot of recipes attributed to their relatives / parents etc. rather than their own creations.

Chef_pogram0, Apr 26, 4:50 pm

The recipe for steamed pudding that Kasey made on Master Chef NZ please

Chef_highfences, May 5, 2:03 pm

Fingers crossed it might be in their cookbook when it comes out.

Chef_jan2242, May 6, 11:56 am

Really Pleased that Kasey & Karena won as they did a great job.

Chef_ferrit47, Sep 14, 7:15 am

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