3 hrs in the "slow" cooker and minced is dry.

Thought I'd get some mince all cooked up for dinner early so put it in the Breville fast slow cooker. So its dry and horrible after 3 hrs. (And no I did not use the pressure cooker. ) Have had similiar issues with other cuts of beef. I guess the slow cooker of today is not something you can leave cooking all day? It doesn't have a high or low setting. I have experienced this with other slow cookers as well and learnt never to use the high setting for most things on my previous cooker which incidentally the bowl cracked so it got biifed. Yesterday I cooked a lovely chicken curry in 2 hours. I should have known. Do other people have experience with any new and good slow cookers? Oops excuse the typo in the title.

Chef_wendalls, Jul 3, 2:46 pm

I love my Breville fast/slow cooker, but agree the slow cooker is not 'slow' and I would never set it in the morning and leave it all day.

Chef_geldof, Jul 3, 5:00 pm

My experiences are todays s/cookers cook hotter and faster. Use mine for soup,silverside big roasts pav bread, chutneys etc, things like mince, stew, some puddings better in the old crockpot that dosent get as hot or cook as quick. If you work out what to make in each one and what temp to use they are brilliant.

Chef_fifie, Jul 3, 5:39 pm

Left some stewing steak(pork) in ours all night and the next day, about 18-20 hrs and was melt in the mouth.
Did some mutton shanks a week ago, again soft as the next night.
Chooks go in the morning of.
Wife uses it on auto from the morning , where I prefer over night on low.

Chef_smallwoods, Jul 3, 6:16 pm

MInce. well slow cookers are for stewing meat.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 4, 11:39 am

Well Alison Holst thought it was appropriate to cook mince in them, as did the author of the other slow cooker recipe book I used. I have had the same issues with chunks of beef in another slow cooker. Lesson well and truly learned now. Test at 1/3 the stated time. today's Slow cookers can destroy your meat, not stew it.

Chef_wendalls, Apr 13, 6:44 am

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