Making jam from crab apples?

Has anyone made jam from crab apples, just wondering what you do with them as don't want jelly.

Chef_joybells2, May 12, 11:39 am

crab apple jelly is a jam. Have never used them any other way.

Chef_cgvl, May 12, 1:01 pm

It would be a pain to make into jam, like peeling and coring them,lol. Make jelly !

Chef_lilyfield, May 12, 1:53 pm

Exactly. As lilyfield has pointed out, it is easier to make jelly.

Chef_buzzy110, May 12, 3:18 pm

Have got them cooking, was thinking maybe I could add to some fruit to make jam but they are too tiny to peel lol, Thanks

Chef_joybells2, May 12, 3:48 pm

Great halved and pickled.
Goes well with pork.

Chef_fishplants, May 12, 8:49 pm

Don't squeeze the bag while they drain otherwise the jelly will be cloudy.

Chef_thewomble1, Aug 6, 11:17 pm

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