Why was I tempted to

buy a packet of Sweet Tamarind this morning, when I have no idea how to eat it. It says steamed on the packet. Better still what is it? It seems to be some scary stuff inside a shell, and I'm too afraid to taste it ha ha ha Help!

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 1, 2:27 pm

Shell it, pull off the stringy bits and eat it. Spit out the seed.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 1, 3:21 pm

I have braved it and tried one, they are kind of like a mild date. I can't say I like them, and can't say I disliked them, they could be eaten as a healthy snack, (if you can find your way around the string and pips) as I have no idea what else you would you use them for, they're not something I would buy again, and I'll be surprised if I finish these ones, but at least I now know what these strange things taste like.

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 2, 7:19 am

I think its a good idea to buy something outside your normal habits, it forces you to find a way to use it, maybe with the help of google. Helps keep you out of the rut that we most often travel in, I think they call it "Widen your horizons"

Chef_pinnochio1, Jul 2, 7:56 am

I have had very nice tamarind drinks in Thailand. I think they just consisted of the tamarind pulp and seeds diluted with water and strained, there was certainly no high-tech equipment involved.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 2, 9:09 am

They are a fiddle to eat, and I feel as though I'm eating the insides of some strange caterpillar ;)

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 18, 1:10 pm

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