How long does it last for? Bought some last week and have used half rest has been kept in the fridge,should be still good to use?

Chef_sniper03, Jun 27, 8:56 am

Hasn't it got a use-by date on it? Some I bought recently had a date three weeks ahead, so yours should still be okay if you only bought it last week.

Chef_veejay13, Jun 27, 4:17 pm

Many cultured products say on the container to use within a certain number of days once opened. 5 or 7 days seem to be the most common.

Chef_kay141, Jun 27, 4:49 pm

l have left it in the fridge longer than that and used to and it has been fine

Chef_griffo4, Jun 27, 6:54 pm

Me too. Weeks old and the scones were delicious.
Sour cream is great for scones.

Chef_gilligee, Apr 28, 2:57 pm

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