I couldn't buy coconut flour or almond flour at

any of my local supermarkets, so I just used ordinary flour, it was for veggie fritters. Where would I look for these products? Thanks

Chef_white_elephant, Jul 3, 7:20 am

Coconut flour is available on trademe, Moore Wilsons and most health food stores. Almond flour is called ground almonds in nz, most supermarkets have it in the bulk bins, near other nuts.

Chef_thejewellerybox, Jul 3, 8:37 am

In Pak'n'Save, it is sold as Ground Almond in 70gram packs where other nuts in similar packets are sold.

I use ground almond when flour is requested.

Chef_valentino, Jul 3, 10:01 am

The sell both at COuntdown in the baking aisle near the flours. I think Binn Inn might also sell those.

Chef_bunny51, Jul 3, 1:32 pm

almond flour is also called almond meal, found in the baking sections of most supermarkets or in the speciality section ie with gluten free stuff.
Healtheries have some of them but not 100% sure about almond flour.

Chef_cgvl, Jul 3, 3:47 pm

The almond meal at my supermarket isn't almond flour, it is wayyyyyy coarser, whereas the ground almond is more like a flour. OP, what about using besan flour (chickpea)?

Chef_awoftam, Jul 3, 6:15 pm

Coconut flour at PnS, 500g bag and the brand is Avalanche.

Chef_morticia, Jul 3, 6:19 pm

CD sell a Avalance brand coconut flour ($4.99) and yep Moore Wilson's have it too. I make my own almond flour from raw almonds.

Chef_wildflower, Apr 16, 12:46 pm

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