Sweet chilli sauce

pussy01, Feb 6, 8:35am
any tried and true medium hot ones?

petal1955, Feb 6, 8:47am
Cant go past Trident Sweet Chilli

pussy01, Feb 6, 8:53am
yup i know. its good. but wanting to make my own

laspaz, Feb 6, 8:54am
Interested too, I make fermented hot sauce, but really keen to give sweet chilli a go.

daarhn, Feb 6, 9:03am
My plain sweet chilli sauce. red chillis lots of them if you like kick seeds included, brown onions, garlic, oil, brown sugar. Optional ginger. Chop the lot. Into roasting pan. Slow roast 3-4hrs until caramalized and gooey. Pulse blend. Store into sterilzed bottles. Firey sweet devilsh

izzybling, Feb 7, 2:20am
Ayam Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce,is the best one i use it all the time.

kiwilion, Feb 7, 5:52am
Ahhh so this is what to do with extra chillies! Yum, thanks!

pussy01, Feb 7, 7:15am
sounds good!

daarhn, Feb 7, 8:19am
I use as a marinade to make chilli chicken wings/nibbles sprinkle wth roasted chopped peanuts or golden seseme seeds when serving bowl full. Guaranteed heaven n hell combo. Lots if chilled beers and a game on big screen of course

lmarsh, Mar 19, 6:13pm
I've made this one several times but I also add 500 grams of red capsicum to the recipe


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