Fruit cake help please.

beauranger, Jun 28, 11:02pm
I am baking a fruit cake and need to double the recipe as I need a very large cake. Does that mean you double the baking time? Also I have an oven that tends to be on the hot side, if I bake things for a longer time, it tends to burn on the top? I have dropped the temperature to stop the burning, but then it doesnt seem to cook in the middle as well. Any suggestions how I can stop this? TIA

niffer13, Jun 28, 11:11pm
Place tinfoil over the top & remove towards the end of cooking time.
I don't think you will need to double the cooking time but maybe someone else can help with that.

biggles45, Jun 28, 11:11pm
Not sure about doubling the baking time. someone who knows will be here soon I guess. When you have put the mix in the baking tin, wrap a double layer of brown paper (or newspaper) round the tin (make it slightly higher than the tin) and sit another double layer across the top so cake is covered but paper not touching cake mix. I use this method for wedding/Xmas cakes and they never burn or get crispy.

janbodean, Apr 25, 11:04am
Use a larger tin. Cover the top as niffer said and you will need a little extra cooking time but not double.

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