How to make soup made with bacon hock less salty?

Ideas appreciated thank you

Chef_mzm, Jul 12, 7:10 pm

Chuck a couple of large peeled whole potatoes in to boil with it, but make sure that you remove the potatoes at the end of cooking, thus removing the extra salty taste :)

Chef_songbird22, Jul 12, 7:44 pm

boil for half an hour and change the water

Chef_pussy01, Jul 12, 8:27 pm

I cook bacon hock and soup mixture together but don't add seasoning until its all cooked. Always do the taste test as Bacon Hock can be very salty, as songbird22 said a couple of potatoes will help as well.

Chef_cgvl, Jul 12, 8:41 pm

Thank you all

Chef_mzm, Jul 12, 9:26 pm

Does the potato trick work in the crock pot?

Chef_mzm, Jul 12, 9:30 pm

Works every time for me.

Chef_elsielaurie1, Jul 13, 9:41 am

I usually soak my bacon hock overnight ; still got the flavour but less salty.

Chef_rosejenny38, Jul 13, 9:44 am

I do that too Rosejenny - but the potato trick should work too.

Chef_calista, Jul 13, 8:55 pm

Either soak overnight or you can bring it to the boil in water, drain and add fresh water to cook. My Mum always did one or the other.

Chef_nauru, Jul 13, 9:17 pm

Bacon hocks that are actually smoked, rather than chemically flavoured don't have a salt problem and they are 'dry'.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 14, 3:32 pm

Buzzy, would you be able to point out who sells the good bacon hocks? Cheers.

Chef_wendalls, Mar 13, 3:11 pm

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