Cheap ice cream

aktow, Jul 7, 12:19pm
on the way to why knot clearance store, i always go past much moore factory outlet. they always have a bill board out with,, ice cream $1 a litre. i always buy 2 x 2ltr containers of ice cream at why knot for $5. on my way home i decided to check out the much moore store. they had lots of ice cream brands at cheap prices. some ice cream brands were slightly more than $1 a litre but there was lots that were $1ltr. i bought 2x2ltr container for $3 . hokey pokie and chocolate, and a 5ltr carton for $5. there was a 16ltr carton for $16. i was told some of the 2 for $3 icecream might be different than what's on the lid but the ones i got were correct. the shop is not just a ice cream shop. they have a variety of other frozen goods and tin item etc.

the shop is 87 springs road east tamaki. why knot is 79 Springs Road, East Tamaki so check out both stores.

asue, Jul 8, 7:21am
thank you - sounds good - flavour ok aktow?

aktow, Mar 30, 7:57am
yes, lovely,,,

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