Are some butters oilyer than others?

Made some biscuits today, used Anchor butter and pre-cooking the mix was so greasy.
Think I usually use Mainland?

Chef_mikew, Jun 17, 7:20 pm

Wonder if it has something to do with the fat in the milk, and time of year. won't be oil. how did the baking turn out? That's the main thing!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 17, 7:31 pm

Husband thinks they're pretty alright. :)
I've made better.

Chef_mikew, Jun 17, 8:17 pm

Can't say I've ever noticed that happening, maybe your mixture needed a bit more flour added

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 18, 7:52 am

Sounds like you may have had a little too much butter to dry ingredients ratio.When they cooked did they spread quite a bit?

Chef_macandrosie, Jun 23, 8:00 pm

how warm was your butter if you nuked it ,it can look oily

Chef_whitehead., Jun 25, 11:29 am

if anything is added to food in nz it has to show on the side of the pack so read your butter paper and see if there is anything there

Chef_whitehead., Jun 25, 11:30 am

ask this in farming. it will be to do with cream

Chef_mothergoose_nz, Jun 25, 9:27 pm

some butter is just cream and salt, some has water included in the ingredients. I think Anchor is one of the cream & salt butters. but I don't know if that will make a difference or not. I know when making pastry I make sure I am using a butter that has no water added because it does make a difference to the end result.

Chef_add1, Jun 26, 11:26 am

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