Help, Banana ice cream

If it just tasted like mashed banana then maybe it got too warm.

I just use a bit of cream and caster sugar and Vanilla added to the frozen banana and process quickly in the food processor. You could cool the bowl in the fridge too.

Chef_uli, Jul 17, 3:50 pm

I have just made the frozen banana " ice cream", were you freeze and blitzes, My daughter said it just taste like mashed banana, would anyone have banana ice cream to make in an ice cream machine pleas

Chef_pollypanner, Jul 17, 8:25 pm

There was a recipe on FB that used frozen banana and mango, with almond milk. I cannot recall the quantities, but it sounded good. I make the grandies banana and mango smoothies which they love, but yet to,try the ice cream.

Chef_rarogal, Jul 17, 9:16 pm

Donna Hay's programme on last week had a banana and mango icecream recipe Rarogal - she added Greek Yoghurt - said she makes it for the kids when it's really for herself!

Chef_music_note, Jul 18, 1:49 am

You can add frozen berries, cocoa, carob etc. I would just try your food processor, that will work fine and is almost instant.

Chef_frances1266, Jul 18, 7:41 am

Here is one I have made for chocolate banana ice-cream, and it is good:

6 bananas (very ripe) frozen in chunks; 1 cup almond (or other) milk, 1 tsp vanilla, 6 tablespoons cacao or cocoa powder, pinch of salt; In food processor, process all together for instant 'soft-serve' icecream, or if a firmer icecream desired, then put in fridge and stir every 20 mins until stiff.
(I have further instructions to turn this into a really decadent chocolate chunk brownie version too, if any interested)

Something else I have done is freeze pieces of banana on iceblock sticks, then dip in melted chocolate. Sort of a mini-not-really-magnum icecream.

Chef_mjhdeal, Jul 18, 7:56 am

Hi, I just use a couple of frozen bananas and about 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter. Whiz up with a bit of water, it creates a texture like snow freeze. Really yummy.

Chef_karen1172, Feb 11, 3:05 pm

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