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susievb, Sep 15, 8:36am
Im wanting to try to cook butter chicken myself but as its only me and im not interested doing it from scratch so can anyone recomend a ready made mix ?

christin, Sep 15, 8:58am
Used to like the Asian gourmet paste type one

pgta, Sep 15, 9:08am
I just use the Pataks one in the jar but get the "hot" one which is really just what I would call medium.

firemansgirl, Sep 15, 11:29pm
This. so easy and a lovely taste.

sampa, Sep 16, 5:29am
Some of them are very sweet which seems to be the way things are marketed to suit Kiwi tastes but I'm not a fan. For a cheats approach I start with a can of Watties Indian Tomatoes and work forward from there adding extra spices, seasonings like ground coriander, cumin, garam masala, a bit of chilli to suit our tastes. I don't add extra cream etc but, again, that's down to how you like it. We enjoy having it with Basmati rice and poppadoms (they're easy to crisp up in the microwave - saves the hassle of frying them). Sprinkle a bit of coriander on top if you fancy it.

52many, Sep 16, 6:20am
Our family have tried most of them but keep going bake to the Watties Just Add Butter Chicken. In fact. that is tea tomorrow night!

pinky10, Sep 16, 7:15am
Spice n easy is the best one I've tried.

sarahb5, Sep 16, 12:00pm
This is the best I've tasted - it used to be sold on here, not sure if it still I'd

cap, Sep 20, 2:14am
I second that. I usually don't like butter chicken but this is delicious.

susievb, Sep 20, 2:38am
Thank you all l will write them down and try each one in turn.

cgvl, Sep 20, 2:44am
I also use the Spice n Easy ones, they seem more authentic but failing that the Pataks (in a jar) hot/spicy one is good, the other one of Pataks is bland (not enough spice)

sarahb5, Sep 20, 3:12am
Butter chicken isn't actually an authentic Indian dish - just an adaptation for western tastes

uli, Sep 20, 3:25am
This must be why you can buy it in even remote Indian villages who do not cater for tourists in almost every little eatery then. And all the Indian customers love it.

uli, Sep 20, 3:34am
Easy Butter Chicken (not authentic, but nice and quick)

Boneless chicken breasts (about 3-4) or thighs (which i think give a better result),
300ml of cream or 1 can coconut cream,
2 cloves garlic,
1 tsp turmeric,
2 tsps curry powder,
1 onion finely diced,
1 small can tomato paste,
About 30g ground almonds (to thicken).

Cut chicken into bite sized pieces,
brown in a little butter,
add onion and garlic. (Do not brown).

Add all the other ingredients except the ground almonds.
Cook until chicken is cooked and tender.
Add ground almonds to thicken.

IF any left over - it freezes very well.

Serve on rice.

davidt4, Sep 20, 4:08am
It is indeed an Indian dish, Murgh Makhani, devised in the Punjab in the 1950s.

sarahb5, Sep 20, 4:33am
I have Indian friends from the north - there is no cream in murgh makhani "recipe" they use

sarahb5, Sep 20, 4:33am
That's nice

sampa, Sep 20, 5:16am
Does it matter whether it was an adaption or not? Butter Chicken is now a well known dish that many enjoy and some would like to recreate at home. As with many things. it has evolved into something well recognised which lends it a type of credence of it's own. Or are we going to argue semantics over it? Seems a bit pointless when food is such a variable equation that can be taken in so many directions.

I hope susievp has been able to find a version that suits her tastes and works well for her.

angel361, Sep 20, 5:23am
where do you get spice n easy from please? Thanks

jia5, Sep 20, 5:28am
Mrjia ordered buttered chicken the last time we went to an Indian restaurant. It was so sweet he couldn't eat it. I had a taste and it was terrible. Could've passed for a dessert if you had a blindfold on, there was no taste of spices just a horrible icky sweetness and the chicken was so tough it must have died of old age. Really disappointing.

uli, Sep 20, 5:55am
Interesting company that.
No physical address at all on their website in NZ.
The two overseas links given do not work.
Companies office shows more interesting facts.

Obviously the stuff is good, as I have seen it mentioned many times before.
However I am not sure I want to buy there really.

nauru, Sep 20, 6:22am
Sarah, do your friends use yoghurt in their recipe. My Indian friend does, probably not authentic but a little healthier than the cream. This is the way I do it now too using her recipe.

sampa, Sep 20, 8:06am
(Section 330 Companies Act 1993)

On 27 March 2015 the above mentioned company was restored to the New Zealand
register of companies.

They hit glitch and got back on the pony, so to speak, what's the problem? Many businesses go through similar with no need to hang their heads in shame. If their product is good and they're not ripping people off adopt the usual Kiwi mantra of giving people a go until they're proven wrong. We all need a break from time to time.

jc239, Sep 20, 8:31am
I might be wrong, but I think butter chicken came about by adding cream/ yogurt to what was left after the they make tandoori chicken and cooking the chicken in that.
Tikka masala is the English claim to curry.

uli, Sep 20, 8:40am
The only NZ address (apart from their co-habitation address) is a bean counters office in Wellington.
So from where DO they trade?
I always thought it is illegal to have a trading website without a physical address?

I would not pay money without knowing where the people trade from. There was a thread on here last week about that actually :)
The people lost quite a bit.

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