Waffle Makers

Hi. Im on my second waffle maker, the first made lovely crispy waffles but my current waffle maker just isn't as good. Can anyone here recommend a good maker pls? I put up with his one for a few years but its time to move on! Thanks.

Chef_dons14, Apr 25, 9:11 am

Our is black&decker
Perfect waffles !

Chef_mouse_y, Apr 25, 9:26 am

I've had a Sunbeam one for years and it makes great crispy waffles.

Chef_nauru, Apr 25, 11:52 pm

i have a brevlle one. used 2-3 times and now sitting in storage. No complains with the perfomance and will list it on trademe one day

Chef_deus701, Sep 14, 10:08 pm

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