Gas hob - what pots pans etc would be best.

I am getting my new gas hob installed on Tuesday. I know I can use my normal pots and pans but wondered if there was any other pots/pans that people swear by when using them on a gas hob. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Chef_kiwigoldie, Jul 5, 5:33 pm

I have had a gas for 11 years now and find all my pots etc are good, stainless, cast iron, enamel etc. I would recommend getting a simmer mat though, it comes in handy when food 'catches' on the bottom or you cannot get the heat low enough, there are usually some on. I would never go back to electric.

Chef_sooseque, Jul 5, 10:50 pm

Thanks, I had forgotten about a simmer mat.

Chef_kiwigoldie, Jul 6, 12:09 pm

I purchased one from Alison and Simon Holsts web site. cheapest by far, and good service.
A must for long slow cooking without burning or sticking, or when you need minimal heat.

Chef_wheelz, Apr 7, 5:16 am

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