How do I cook a pigs head

had a pig killed, and the heads there :P , really don't even want to take it out of the bag lol, but it takes up so much room in the freezer, so whats a yummy way to do something with it please .

Chef_smh63, Jul 2, 12:13 pm

Roast it long and slow I usually do it on a deep bed of rosemary braches to keep it out of the oil. Once well cooked with good crackling peel the meat off the bones and press into a suitably shaped container placing the crackling on top and then chill it will form a loaf which can be sliced for sandwiches or snacks. I like taking one on the boat if we are going away for a few days.

Another way is to remove all the outside meat carefully then rub in generous amounts of salt and brown sugar place in a big plastic bag and seal. Chill and turn in the fridge for a week before slow cold smoking to make the most awesome bacon you ever tried.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 2, 12:24 pm

Give them to the dog.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 2, 12:35 pm

great thanks

Chef_smh63, Jul 2, 12:51 pm

Chef_petal1955, Jul 2, 1:47 pm

Poor dog but beats eating it.

Chef_trogedon, Jul 2, 7:03 pm

We made brawn with ours :)

Chef_antoniab, Jul 2, 8:35 pm

I've made brawn for ours. So much more delicious than shop stuff. My mother-in-law dug a hole and planted a lemon tree on top of hers. Lemon tree took off and grew really well.

Chef_rai5, Jul 2, 9:18 pm

I used to make brawn but find it can be a tad bland unless you add allot of salt and spices. I found the roasting then pressing of the roasted meat gives a more full flavor (just like roast pork really) you also get less which well frankly appeals because it takes so long to get through all that meat anyway.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 2, 10:30 pm

Love this idea. They are so cheap to buy at supermarket. I usual buy a half pig's head for my dogs every now and then, but would love to try something for us to eat using as well., Jul 3, 10:51 am

Something else I have noticed lately is that the heads have less fat I suspect because the market has been for meatier and less fatty pork this really makes this a better dish.

Part of the reason for long slow roasting is to render out as much fat as possible which is why I balance the head up on a deep bed of rosemary branches you could use a rack but the branches give a beautiful aroma.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 3, 11:19 am

My brawn is with added beef shin, boil slowly pig head with salt, also boil up some shin bones with onions, reserve some of the pig water, once cooled pick meat off head plush shins, you can add cooked mixed veg if you like, but combine all with some of the liquid and press into tins for brawn

Chef_gardner8, Jul 3, 5:33 pm

Roast it like a roast, and eat it, there's some good meat on there, the cheeks in particular, and all the collar type area, roast it on a rack tho, there's a good bit of fat around the collar/neck area as well.

Chef_dezzie, Jul 3, 6:54 pm

Another way is to remove all the outside meat carefully then rub in generous amounts of salt and brown sugar place in a big plastic bag and seal. Chill and turn in the fridge for a week before slow cold smoking to make the most awesome bacon you ever tried.[/quote]

How do you cold smoke? TIA

Chef_woody89, Jul 4, 9:37 am

How do you cold smoke? TIA[/quote]

I have a cold smoker which is basically a wooden box with smoke going to it via a buried pipe takes 12hrs. I also do these in my hotter smoker which is a Webber kettle BBQ which I smoke for 1 hour.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 4, 11:53 am

Any further info ie smoke source, how to connect the pipe etc? Really keen to know more, have just dropped off pigs for processing & also want to try cold smoking trout & salmon. Please?

Chef_woody89, Jul 4, 7:25 pm

I buy half a pigs head, often very cheap at supermarket, and roast it up for the dog. He loves it.

Chef_maoate1, Jul 8, 9:34 pm

I managed to buy just cheeks recently at a Countdown, I joke that I have written the cook book "101 of living on dog bones" I can't stop laughing when I see the advert feed 4 for 15.00 if I couldn't do it for under 10.00 I'd eat my hat (yes slow roasted)
And as for all the packet flavours I shake my head. I have people say how can you afford such stunning things like Sundried tomatoes, well I can make what sells in the supermarkets for around 8.00 for less than 4.00
And no it doesn't take being in the kitchen all day Fact as much as I love cooking and baking these days it has to be fast and tasty for me.
So yes pigs heads and other cuts that we might never have thought about. And just don't tell them if you are likely to get screwed up faces.
I'd give an arm to find an old meat press for sale well ok maybe not my arm but crawl over broken glass :) Good brawn does have flavour its what goes into things and seasoning that makes the difference. And smoked yummy would love a try of that. :)

Chef_anne1955, Jul 9, 9:34 am

I just saw a young couple with a baby today at Pak'n'Save buying 4 half pigs heads. They left before I could ask what they wanted to cook with them.

On the other hand I met a young couple on the market last weekend walking around with several bundles of taro stems - no leaves. So I asked them what they do with it.

So now I have a nice recipe for Kochur Loti (Taro stolons) which are turned into a dry curry - we usually feed them to the pigs - so here we go next time we harvest. Got to check the curry leaf tree!

Chef_uli, Mar 29, 2:57 pm

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