Looking for an ingredient

I was looking at a recipe for a sourdough starter and this was one of the ingredient
• Patience. About two weeks’ worth (no, I don’t know where to buy any, either)
mmmmm who does?

Chef_pam.delilah, Aug 2, 7:12 pm

Let me know if you find some, I don't usually need it . but a packet in the pantry would be very handy, especially when dealing with fools (usually on this MB)

Chef_samanya, Aug 2, 7:18 pm

on the shelf next to persistence. others might find similar products

Chef_mothergoose_nz, Aug 2, 7:22 pm

What aisle? Countdown/paknsave . I can travel!
I don't need as much persistence though. do they sell it in small amounts?

Chef_samanya, Aug 2, 7:54 pm

Anywhere near the Tolerance supplies?

Chef_lyma1, Aug 2, 8:41 pm

If you do not have the patience to make the starter - then even if you buy a sourdough starter (lots of people sell those nowadays in NZ!) you will soon get bored with making a sourdough bread.

It takes 3 steps to make a good sourdough bread which takes about one and a half days! Then you still have to raise it and bake it .

Maybe too much effort in the world of "instant".

However you can buy mock sourdough bread (made with a mix of chemicals rather than slow fermentation) from most supermarkets nowadays.

Give it a try!

Chef_uli, Aug 2, 8:53 pm

I have just started to make this type of bread and I will find/have patience to make it as other breads gives me heart burn. I have a organic rye flour starter going at the moment. I brought he flour from Piko.
Have you some good sourdough rolls loaves recipes?
I am also making yogurt from a culture and made my first lot of cultured butter this morning

Chef_pam.delilah, Aug 2, 10:09 pm

Good on you pam.delilah. Glad to see the old arts are not being lost in the modern world of instant.

Chef_vmax2, Aug 3, 10:26 am

It is very satisfying to produce some thing from scratch and knowing what is in it. And taste so much better

Chef_pam.delilah, Jan 26, 6:50 am

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