Figs in the Waikato?

Anyone know where I can buy fresh figs in or around Hamilton? Need them for a dinner party on the weekend. TIA

Chef_antoniab, May 5, 7:54 pm

Chef_unknowndisorder, May 5, 8:06 pm

Oh great thanks - will see if I can get in contact with those two to see if they have them again this year

Chef_antoniab, May 5, 8:10 pm

Suggest not self collecting after spending 5 weeks in physio for 3 figs.

Chef_agens, May 6, 1:50 pm

You have had five weeks of physio for three figs? Fell out the tree? c'mon share the story :) (I don't like figs, so that wouldn't happen to me - I also hate heights about the same as figs lol)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Aug 20, 10:18 pm

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