I know the name Taeger is a trade name but what is Prime Rub.
I found a lovely recipe on Facebook for Bacon BBQ Meatball Recipe. The ingredients are cooked inside an onion and wrapped in bacon. Gummy.
But one of the ingredients was the rub. What is it and could I use an alternative if it is too spicy. Please help.

Chef_coastalskipper, Jul 6, 6:30 pm

Sounds like a meat rub for sprinkling all over meat before cooking to give it flavour, dont know your recipe your using, could you replace it with your fav rub if you think its to spicy, or make your own to your tastes and keep it in a jar in the pantry.

Chef_fifie, Jul 6, 9:58 pm

fifie will be right ETA although the rubs don't appear to be sold in NZ a link to Traeger in New Zealand has a range of rubs.

Chef_hezwez, Jul 6, 10:20 pm

Thank you to Fifie and Hezwez for your explanations.and Hezwez, yes that is the recipe that you added. I want to try the recipe but I don't like anything too hot. We will try the Cajun rub and see how it tastes. I will put in less for the first time I try it.
Thanks again to you both.

Chef_coastalskipper, Apr 5, 1:13 pm

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