Caramel filling for cake.

tjman, Aug 18, 4:43am
Hi guys, in a bit of a rush, but can someone help me. I need to make a caramel filling for a cake. Can I make it with condensed milk, and if so how please. tia

leaf76, Aug 18, 4:45am
Am sure you put the tin in a pot and boil it but not sure how long. as now they have the already made caramel condensed milk

leaf76, Aug 18, 4:48am
quickest way is too empty condensed milk into a pot and and stir over low heat for 10- 15 mins till caramal

harrislucinda, Aug 18, 4:49am
home made from the tin is 3 hrs but check water level and DO NOT open until cold

tjman, Dec 24, 9:18am
Thanks so much guys. Have a good night!

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