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kelly151, Nov 9, 2:09am
Whose got the best tips for a super nice moist b&e pie?

morticia, Nov 9, 2:28am
I just do a lidded pie with eggs (broken and slightly mixed in situ), bacon, onion, some seasoning and a layer of cheese under the lid. It's not dry.

joybells2, Nov 9, 2:37am
I just do bacon and egg and chives, mixture of whisked eggs and whole eggs, top, don't overcook

motorbo, Nov 9, 3:21am
whisk the eggs together with a wee bit of milk. no whole eggs. only way ive ever made b & e pie and always moist

valentino, Nov 9, 3:30am
For the best use the best !

Streaky Bacon gives great moisture and is superb in B & E Pies.

So Flaky pastry. layer of bacon, some whole eggs with egg yolks broken and allow to run a little together and around a little (swirl it a little), another layer of bacon then repeat the egg then top with pastry, crimp edges together, poke sharp pointed knife holes in top and bake for about 45 to 60 minutes depending on size.

Absolutely the moist pie ever but not over the top.

Cheers from the one whom has done quite a few of these very appreciatively by many.

awoftam, Nov 9, 5:38am
Yip! That's how I do them and they are fab. No cheese, no onion, no tomato (its not called a bacon and egg pie for nothing!). Streaky bacon, free range eggs, flaky puff pastry not cooked to death. Simple and delicious. Bella!

valentino, Nov 9, 6:15am
Yiiiippppp! exactly, very nice hot or warm and chilled in the refrigerator overnight if travelling the next day, beautiful cold.

kungfu3, Nov 9, 9:13am
Bacon and egg experts please tell me your secrets regarding flaky pastry. When I cook pies the bottom sheet of pastry always seems undercooked, is it my oven. what am I doing wrong

seaspray1, Nov 9, 6:22pm
Place a baking tray in the oven when you turn it on. It gives extra heat to the base and helps cook the base pastry.

whitehead., Nov 9, 6:39pm
boil two or three eggs and cut in large bits add bacon and lightly beatten egg the cooked egg seems to help and dont over cook it i also cook in a pizza pan with holes in the bottom and use minced bacon in teaspoon sized lumps all over 250 oven

valentino, Nov 9, 7:28pm
Please explain your "undercooked".

Could be that moisture goes into the bottom to give this effect which means it is not undercooked.

In a given general scenario with baking and if baked for at least the recommended time then general all gets baked sufficiently.

If it feels like being "undercooked" then perhaps reverse the layering of eggs and bacon.


arielbooks, Nov 9, 7:46pm
I use savory shot pastry for the bottom layer with smokey bacon, then cooked leeks in large chunks, whisk up eggs with a little milk and some curry powder, then top with flakey pastry.

whitehead., Nov 10, 2:19am
line your pie plate with cooking paper when its cooked dont ley it sit in the pan and sweat take it out with the paper and turn it over on a rack to let it cool you should be ok damp botton is why i use a pizza pan it has holes in it and lets the paste cook better

nadineb, Nov 12, 3:51am
When I make my bacon and egg pie I whisk up a few eggs and pour over cut up bacon and then put in a few whole eggs.I also put on top peas and thinly sliced tomato.I find that the tomato will add some mositure.

samanya, Nov 12, 4:01am
I do pretty much what #2 does & sprinkle a little grated cheese over the base before adding anything & seaspray's tip is a goodie. My oven is not that flash & I don't know why, but the cheese tip works for me.

eastie3, Nov 12, 7:20am
I agree awoftam, plus s&p. Oh how I hate cheese added in and tomato goes watery. Put an oven tray in when you turn on the oven and the pie base will cook perfectly. Add a squirt of Tuimato sauce on the side - perfection!

morticia, Nov 12, 7:25am
Lucky that all the generations of us that have made it for decades "our" way, just like our Mums and Nanas did, didn't worry about how someone else did theirs. Because, of course, they are all right.

awoftam, Nov 12, 7:30am

socram, Nov 12, 7:31am
When you think about it, why does anyone really waste flaky pastry on the bottom of a fairly substantially filled pie, if it can't actually rise and flake anyway?

#17 - spot on!

E & B on its own does nothing for me in any format, so adding mushrooms, tomatoes , cheese etc., is fine. To stop the tomatoes going soggy, just de-seed them and use the outer flesh only.

mustu, Nov 12, 7:53am
I made individual baco and egg pies for tea tonight. Used those little taco boats as pastry. They baked crisp and delicious in no time at all. Easiest 'pastry' ever!

wendalls, Nov 12, 8:16am
I tried adding cheese to stop my soggy bottom and a tray beneath. Still soggy and not browned. Love the taste of the cheese so much that I'll always include it regardless now. It might be the dish I cook it in. Too dense to heat through fast enough maybe? I have to break all my eggs and swirl them as egg white is way too bland by itself.

samanya, Nov 12, 9:50pm
Maybe all of the above tips as well as placing the dish a little lower in your oven, if possible?

morticia, Nov 12, 9:55pm
I usually cook mine in a large oval ceramic casserole dish (because it's exactly the right size for all of us with room to rise) and always place it at the very bottom of the oven, which is set to 150 fan bake. The bum is always cooked.

samanya, Nov 13, 2:13am
No soggy bums at your place ;o)

morticia, Nov 13, 2:54am
Not any more

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