Left over stew

to use up left over stew all with amazing veges in it to make a steak pie do you add the cold stew to the pastry casing before cooking or heat the filling first

Chef_heathermay1, Jul 4, 6:47 pm

I add it to the pastry cold, same as when I make pasties.

Chef_biggles45, Jul 4, 6:49 pm

Always cold, hot steams the pastry and makes it soggy.

Chef_kay141, Jul 4, 6:53 pm

i used to work in a bakery and make the pies. defiantly cold!

Chef_pussy01, Jul 4, 7:11 pm

I'm defiant about that too. ;)
Definitely cold for both pastry and filling.

Chef_autumnwinds, Jul 4, 7:57 pm

thank you all for your feed back

Chef_heathermay1, Apr 10, 6:56 am

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