Chocolate cake in a mug

meg94, May 4, 11:18am
Does anyone have this microwave recipe please.

tlkin, May 4, 12:03pm
Chocolate Cake In a cup in 5 Minutes! millna

4 Tablespoons SR flour
4 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons cocoa
1 Egg
3 Tablespoons milk
3 Tablespoons oil
1 Mug, ... .
Mix flour, sugar and cocoa: Spoon in 1 egg. Pour in milk and oil, and mix well. Put in microwave for 3 minutes on maximum power. (1000watt) Wait until it stops rising and sets in the mug. Tip contents out of mug onto saucer and enjoy with cream jam or yoghurt yum! Can put grease proof paper on top. Put on saucer in case it over flows. makes big serving - use big cup.

cary3339, May 4, 10:29pm
I made it and it was yummy . was eating it within 7 mins . Needed a custard with it but melted icecream on it

meg94, May 5, 7:23am
Many thanks tlkin

sikofstuf, May 6, 3:55am
I was watching something on tv the other day- think it was Oprah-the lady who invented the cake in a mug has a cookbook out with heaps of different cakes and things to put in mugs! Looks interesting- hehe, who would have 'thunk' it? ! lol

millna, May 8, 11:13pm
mmmm i still make this... . yum

arcdee, Jul 29, 12:03am
i made it and it exploded in the microwave

zappi, Jul 29, 12:27am
The $2. 00 shop in Rotorua had some quite tall and large coffee mug. They were white with coffee and tea written on them. They were the perfect size mug for this. The first time I used what I thought was a big enough mug and I had Mt Vesuvius in my microwave. Worth a try.

a_n_h, Jul 29, 12:41am
these are soo good with ice cream or whipped cream... mmm yummy

amarni1, Jul 29, 3:23am
ok, am I the only one who can't make this? My cake comes out chewy and dry. Tried cooking it less, and found it cooked perfect on top, but still runny and batter like at the bottom. So sad:(

jimbeamboy05, Jul 29, 3:36am
also works with standard flour, might stop it "exploding"

raebea, Aug 1, 10:05am
I have made it as well. also let it get cold & sliced it & buttered, & that was ok too

chchgurl, Aug 1, 10:56am
I use the same recipe, but use standard flour. Also add a dash of vanilla essence, a tablespoon of jam in the middle is yummy too :P I find it only needs 2. 5 mins in my microwave.

tich50, Aug 1, 11:05am
whenimakeit, iletitbakeforoneandahalfminutes, letitstandforaminuteandthenagainforanotheroneandahalfminutes... anditneverexplodes. ioftenaddablockofcadburychoctothemixtureaswell... . orafewchocchips, oramorobar (smallones), orapieceofflakechoc... yumyumyumeverytime.

annew15, Aug 1, 12:38pm
half and half milk and baileys hehehehhe

griffo4, Aug 1, 9:00pm
l put choc melts in the bottom of the cup and have a nice sauce so yum

rema, Aug 1, 9:27pm
I make this in a small pudding basin - this way it does four people

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