Rollie Eggmaster

Does anyone have one of these? Easy use? Easy to clean?

Chef_carter441, Jul 21, 11:24 am

Never heard of it so Googled it. very mixed reviews. I suspect it would be quickly relegated to the back of the redundant gadgets cupboard!

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 21, 11:30 am

Probably! I saw one for a bargain price and wondered if it was worth it.

Chef_carter441, Jul 21, 11:44 am

Chef_uli, Jul 24, 12:04 pm

Got girl at work to bring hers in to try. would never invest in one.
Hard to clean , hard to use. painful . so glad I didn't invest in one.
Don't think she has ever used more than the . once outta the box.

Chef_findit1, Jul 25, 9:45 am

Tell us if it smells and tastes the same as in the video above :)

Chef_uli, Jul 25, 12:14 pm

GUILTY! Sitting in the freebies box to donate to some worthy charity. Tasted fine and smelled okay but just a pain in the butt to use and a total waste of time.

Chef_ace441, Jul 25, 8:33 pm

carter441 - If you want to try it I am more than happy to send it your way - just one requirement - NO RETURNS !

Chef_ace441, Feb 15, 1:03 pm

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