Been looking at the ingredient statements on bacon in store, wow there is a lot of stuff in there. What are the alternatives? What about veal bacon?

Chef_mjwelch1, Jun 13, 8:30 am

The last time looked Henderson's Free Range Dry Cured bacon had no additives apart from salt. I think Harmony bacon might be the same.

We buy dry-cured bacon from a local butcher who uses only salt, and I'm sure there will be other small butcheries who do the same. Ask around.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 13, 12:42 pm

We have a local pork butchery selling on the farmers market who uses only salt, however the bacon looks grey rather than bright red as the commercially made "products" are. Tastes lovely though.

It always pays to go back to the producers if you want to reduce unwanted "ingredients" in food.

Veal is beef and cannot be made into bacon (which is pork) - although it seems even chickens are now made into some sort of "bacon" - I am sure that "product" will have even more "ingredients" on the list.

Good luck in reading labels and rejecting "products" and buying "food" instead.
You know any small pieces of meat can be seared and used instead of bacon really - just give it a go!

Chef_fishplants, Jun 13, 4:59 pm

As per Davidt4 's post just buy good free range. you will notice it doesn't ooze water when cooked as well, and won't have that sulphitey taste.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 13, 5:45 pm

Make your own, pork belly, lots of salt, plastic bag, turn every day, after a week slice and fry :) you can also smoke it after a week which is what I do. I also kmake face bacon which is a pigs head boned out and treated as above.

Chef_beaker59, Jun 1, 7:08 am

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