Convection ovens ?

Does anyone else have the sunbeam convention oven? What's it like with air/dry frying?

Chef_kcng, Jan 2, 3:57 pm

my dad bought one of the first ones and it was great,, last year it died, stopped heating up. i wanted it to die years ago as i had a Flavorwave Turbo Oven i bought years ago as a back up. i suppose i have bought around 10 of the ovens and given them away as presents.

Chef_aktow, Jan 5, 4:47 am

try trademe first,, the last one i bought off trademe was brand new and i paid $20 ($1 auction) but it was a few years ago , i did buy one at countdown a couple of years ago for $30

Chef_aktow, Jan 5, 4:51 am

Do you have one and if so is the 12L one anygood for a family of 4, I really want to know if I can put a large chicken in there with vegies etc.

Chef_teddy147, Jun 11, 3:01 pm

Is it one of the round glass one you are meaning? I have one and they take quite a good sized chicken OK.

Chef_nauru, Jun 11, 8:22 pm

I love mine - I got the Sunbeam one. There is an extender that comes with the unit - it sits on top of the bowl and thus extends the height of the cooker. That means you can put the chicken on the tall rack and the vegetables under the rack. The roast vegetables are fantastic. I spray the veges with a little oil and they always come out crispy. It is just so easy to clean and I think it is one of the best appliances I have ever purchased. I really don't think I will cook a roast in my oven again.

Chef_pogram0, Jun 11, 9:46 pm

thankyou I will save up and buy one.

Chef_teddy147, Jun 12, 12:12 pm

I find that a chicken comes out like just a rotisseried chicken and haven't cooked chicken in my big oven since having this oven.

Chef_nauru, Jun 12, 4:06 pm

how does roast beef come out cookin one of these ?

Chef_teddy147, Jun 12, 4:11 pm

Everything comes out beautifully. Mine is the original Turbo Oven which I have had for around twenty years and I use it regularly. It just keeps going and going. Wouldn't be without it.

Chef_janbodean, Jun 12, 4:20 pm

Farmers usually have them for $99, ditto Briscoes. I need not pay any more than this.

Chef_pogram0, Jun 12, 8:50 pm

thankyou for your comments.

Chef_teddy147, Jun 12, 9:03 pm

Do you put the chicken and veges directly on the racks or do you put them in trays first just like you would do with a conventional oven? Also any suggestions on how you would cook small quiches? Thanks.

Chef_jaffa77, Jun 12, 10:48 pm

Why not look at cashing in some loyalty points - i.e. Fly Buys, Visa, etc. Noel Lemming and Farmers both subscribe to Visa's loyalty card scheme. I buy most of my appliances using loyalty points so they cost me nothing.

Chef_buzzy110, May 19, 6:57 am

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