Defrosting pastry

Can you defrost a roll of pastry in micro?

Chef_sandy09, Mar 23, 11:16 am

Always been reluctant to do that. you try and let us know.
If I am in a hurry, I put it on my kitchen window sill out of the sun, with the window open. Or in a sealed plastic bag in a sink of room temp water.

Chef_wheelz, Mar 23, 11:27 am


That's why I prefer ready rolled, it thaws so quick.

Chef_deanna14, Mar 23, 11:29 am

OK I'm too scared now. I will wait

Chef_sandy09, Mar 23, 11:38 am

I do if I forgot to pull it out in advance. Slit the end of the packet and microwave on medium in short bursts so that it defrosts instead of cooking.

Chef_arielbooks, Mar 26, 2:12 pm

Use the defrost button on your MW if it has one. Mine goes by weight so it's easy to do without cooking the pastry before it defrosts properly.

Chef_nauru, Nov 25, 5:16 am