Is anybody else.

. bored to tears with Masterchef. Will it never end? ! I am sure each hour long episode could easily be accommodated in 30 mins.

Chef_gildon, Jan 29, 7:00 pm

I am not bored with it because I never watch it.

Chef_lilyfield, Jan 29, 7:19 pm

I do not watch either. Have seen a couple, but bore me to tears.

Chef_clair4, Jan 29, 7:24 pm

Ho Hum now . really enjoyed it at the beginning but too too drawn out and have it on whilst fuffing around on the PC . will watch the last couple I guess . but like you i think it is never ending . a bit like the ever ready bunnie !

Chef_ljayl, Jan 29, 7:49 pm

I am over all those game shows. The winner won, a long
time ago, it is just a case of manipulating the next best off with most of the others to give that winner, a free run.

Chef_pickles7, Jan 29, 9:09 pm

The original UK version was good. SHORT. This. it goes on and on and on and on. The ads for upcoming episodes are enough to drive anyone mad.
I hate those shows anyway, an excellent way to put people off cooking.
Much better to watch Rick Stein or something pleasant about food.

Chef_lythande1, Jan 30, 2:08 pm

I absolutely agree lythande1. Spent a very pleasant hour watching Rick Stein on Choice today.

Chef_gildon, Jan 30, 7:42 pm

Just an idle thought gildon! Why did you find it necessary to start a thread on this when there is a vibrant alive one already going. Your point of view would have resulted in great debate had you decided to post it there

Chef_esther-anne, Apr 14, 5:13 am

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