Have to make about 4 dozen small ones for a party. In a panic as I have very few ideas. Cream cheese and ginger and savoury egg mixed with mayo are the only ones to come to mind. Any ideas out there? Reasonably simple please. Thanks.

Chef_sherrydog, Mar 24, 4:06 pm

Bacon and mushroom sauce.
Smoked salmon & asparagus
Cherry tomato, black olive and feta cheese
Prawns in Marie Rose sauce

Chef_lythande1, Mar 24, 4:21 pm

An oyster filling

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 24, 5:01 pm

I used to do that with canned oysters & I don't have the recipe any more, but it was basically a thickish white sauce with heaps of oysters & seasonings to taste, in it & they always went down well.
How about cheese, capers, smoked mussels in a eggs cream & lemon pepper sauce . blue cheese & roasted walnuts in an egg/cream sauce, leek & feta + sauce . mushroom, brie & pine nuts+ sauce or chargrilled capsicum & black olives + an egg/cream sauce?
I make variations of these a lot when entertaining & thank Jo Seagar for the ideas.

Chef_samanya, Mar 24, 6:50 pm

I love smoked fish - flaked smoked fish fillets in a white/cheese sauce and parsley.

Chef_hd07, Mar 25, 12:48 pm

Thank you all very much - such great ideas, not too hard, and I am not in a panic any more!

Chef_sherrydog, Mar 25, 2:08 pm

I frequently make smoked oysters, or smoked mussels in a white sauce for mine. Two cans for an average amounts of white sauce. They are always popular.

Chef_rarogal, Mar 28, 12:31 pm

Cream cheese mashed up with something tasty eg chopped chives, prawns, smoked salmon is usually a hit.

Had to edit before the spelling police arrive!

Chef_biggles45, Nov 21, 10:59 pm

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