Can anyone please identify this Asian product

Bought from an Asian supplies store on the recommendation of the staff member as 'wine vinegar' but not entirely sure what it is as there was a bit of a language barrier. Can't go back to the store - bought out of town.
Has nothing in English on the bottle except the suppliers name (in Auckland) and I think I'd have a problem describing the Chinese characters to them over the phone :)
Anything helpful would be appreciated thanks
Liquid inside looks to be a golden colour.

Chef_onewhiteswan, May 26, 10:47 am

Open it and have a taste

Chef_rainrain1, May 26, 10:59 am

Could it be rice wine?

Chef_samanya, May 26, 11:08 am

The Other Half says that it is rice vinegar, specifically for use in cold dishes (pickles and such).

Chef_hestia, May 26, 11:19 am

It'll be either wine vinegar - in which case it will have that typical vinegary smell, just lighter than the ones we know better. Or it will be Chinese (cooking) wine (possible because they don't like to make it obvious they have the stuff for sale due to it's alchohol content but, honestly, you'd have to be nuts to drink it. It smells like plonk and will taste really salty (least that's what I've been told. assume the high salt content is to deter anyone wanting to drink it).

Both are handy store cupboard items to have and will keep for ages.

Chef_sampa, May 26, 12:54 pm

Thank you all for the comments. Will open it next time I'm making a cucumber salad or the like :)

Just as a matter of interest - I thought all products sold in NZ had to have an English description / name etc? Could be wrong.

Chef_onewhiteswan, May 26, 4:20 pm

Not sure about labels. I have a couple of bottles of obscure Chinese labeled liquid, in my pantry & I knew damned well what they were when I bought them . haven't got a clue now!
Memo to self . write on them at the time!

Chef_samanya, May 26, 6:50 pm

It's probably rice wine vinegar, it's great for using when making chinese pickles.

Chef_nauru, May 26, 8:29 pm

Yes it is rice wine vinegar. Used for cold dishes.

Chef_litjac, Jul 7, 11:11 pm

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