Cooked some Pumpkin Patties Last Night

They were just ok, not mouth watering at all. Something missing. I put in
grated pumpkin, onion, coridander, seasoning, parmasan cheese. Just didnt pull it off, any suggestions please for next time

Chef_irish15, Feb 4, 8:44 am

grated or left over mashed potato, parsley, and a splosh of chilli sauce or curry powder. Salt and pepper!

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 4, 8:47 am

ok is that instead of pumpkin or with pumpkin. I didnt think about curry powder lol

Chef_irish15, Feb 4, 8:52 am

With! Also kumera would be nice with pumpkin, Just make something up,

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 4, 10:20 am

Nutmeg, essential, brings out the flavour. Same if you are making pumpkin pie, or soup.

Chef_hawkemoon1, Feb 4, 10:38 am

500 gr pumpkin
1/2 tsp each
ground cumin
ground coriander
ground nutmeg
Salt & pepper to taste

Chef_pickles7, Feb 4, 11:17 am

Try adding a little ground cumin, that will give them a bit of a lift.

Chef_nauru, Mar 29, 3:05 pm

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