Anybody made salted caramel mudcake

and if so, would you be willing to share a recipe - have a total craving for one for my birthday cake. a little self indulgent?. yep!

Chef_homestead_tm, Jun 26, 7:07 pm
I used the recipe on their site to make one for mothers day was devine

Chef_crails, Jun 27, 5:48 pm

Chef_marcs, Jun 29, 11:44 pm

This is not a cake either but our daughter has made it and it was definitely a caramel-lover's treat. She followed the recipe that was in a newspaper and exactly the same as on the following link except that it used the store-bought caramelised condensed milk instead of the plain sweetened condensed milk, golden syrup and butter as at:-

Best wished to you for a Happy Birthday with some lovely sweet treats. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 30, 12:51 am

OMG yum the tortenz.wordpress one looks so yummy and easy to make
Might be needing to come up with an excuse to do some baking.

Chef_2spotties, Jun 30, 4:13 am

So so easy and its that nice stody consistany of a good mudcake. I used a block of Whitakkers white chocolate in it was 50g less than the recipe but was fine.

Chef_crails, Jun 30, 4:53 pm

Will try that gooey slice next time

Chef_crails, Apr 22, 6:57 am

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