Best way to cook pork cutlets

I have cooked plenty of pork chops before, just frying or baking, but have bought some pork cutlets which basically have all the fat trimmed off. Suggestions for best way to cook to make them special and keep them moist please.

Chef_rocklover, Jun 24, 6:45 pm

I pan fry mine with sliced green apple, spring onion and cider or Apple juice

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 24, 6:58 pm

The use of White Wine goes great when cooking pork especially pork with very little fat.

Look for some recipes that are simple with wine, you will love them whether you drink wine or not, a great tenderiser, moistener and when added other seasonings and fresh herbs etc enhances a nice taste.


Chef_valentino, Jun 25, 7:46 am

Or in milk or coocnut milk, don't let them boil over. Bring to boil and turn down to simmer.

Chef_smallwoods, Jun 25, 8:22 am

Any of the above. add something moist - I quite like orange juice and maple syrup (the maple/honey one you can buy - Chelsea product - is nice, not too overpowering). A touch of soy sauce can be added and, if you feel like it, some garlic / ginger / chilli (I use the little jars of crushed garlic etc to make life easier so they're always to hand and end up in lots of things I cook but it's all about what suits your tastes).

Chef_sampa, Jun 25, 8:36 am

My VERY close friend removes the crackling and roasts the chops with marmalade on top. Roasts the crackling separate Y U M M O !

Chef_standard, Jun 26, 9:39 pm

Placed a recipe in here some time ago where removal of skin and all the fat from chops then remove the fats totally separately, chop it up finely and heat in a fry pan - once fats are melted, those wee harder bits left are great wee treats. With the bare skins, score fine cuts, and salt sprinkled over grilled for crackling. Chops are slightly floured (seasoned with white pepper) both sides cooked in the fats (nothing is added yet) and simply brown and cook a little before adding wine, seasonings, fresh herbs (like whole sage leaves) etc and cook slowly partially covered until cooked to liking, check the seasoning before serving. Even the sauce will be reduced and is devine. If too thick then add more white wine rather than water.

Chef_valentino, Jun 27, 8:50 am

Just finished eating our pork in coconut milk, done in the slow cooker over night.

Chef_smallwoods, Jun 27, 8:32 pm

Crumb like a big pork schnitzel. The crumb helps seal in the moisture.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 27, 9:00 pm

Yes but put the chops on oven bag. Crackling outside bag. YUM YUM Might have to have that tomorrow. xx

Chef_niffer13, Jun 28, 5:07 pm

Oops yes, the oven bag makes all the difference.

Chef_standard, Apr 26, 2:52 pm

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