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agens, May 6, 1:53am
Lindt have changed the Lindor recipe. Its is dismal - too much milk solids/fats. Its lost the creaminess. Will not buy again.

tinkagirl, May 6, 2:27am
oh nooooooooo I hope they haven't changed the white chocolate as that is my favourite

buzzy110, May 6, 2:57am
Are you referring to the chocolate coating or the filling?

If it is the filling then it will be the palm and coconut oils that go into it. Palm oil always tastes disgusting probably because in order to make it solid it has to be either hydrogenated or fractionated, neither of which process produces anything that could possibly taste OK.

bedazzledjewels, May 6, 5:05am
Cacao prices have gone through the roof so they're cutting back on quality. Green and Black is much better quality chocolate.

agens, Aug 17, 6:51pm
I am pretty sure it was the filling, ghastly My alternative pick after Whittakers (the shining light of NZ chocolate) is Schoc of Greytown Yummo and worth calling in to their shop. Or Patagonia of Queenstown - go South Choc HQ!

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