Does anyone have a really good recipe they would like to share please :-)


(also in parenting :-) )

Chef_n.c, May 18, 4:53 pm

Chef_sarahb5, May 18, 8:20 pm

I know the differences but some people aren't aware of them and call them both so thought I would write both - in fact when searching the net it comes up with both ways of spelling it, weird :-)

I am looking for a macaron recipe :-)

Chef_n.c, May 18, 9:26 pm

I am also interested to see if anyone has a tested recipe as I will be making 100 + macarons for daughter's wedding in January. I would also like to know how far ahead I could make them, and sandwich them together a few days before the wedding.

Chef_katalin2, May 18, 11:28 pm

I have had success with Adriano Zumbo's recipes. The only one I have made is the salted caramel ones. It will take a few tries to get it right as it is tricky. I find his packet macaroons just don't turn out the same as making it from scratch.

Chef_marcs, May 18, 11:50 pm

Chef_marcs, May 18, 11:52 pm

Thanks marcs. do you age your egg whites? That seems really strange lol

Chef_n.c, May 20, 8:09 pm

I make them, sandwiched them with ganache and freeze them. They freeze quite well and just take 20mins to thaw (depending on how big they are).

Chef_deus701, May 20, 9:11 pm

No never have aged them but I do make sure they are not really fresh eggs. Not sure if you get this in NZ but we do here in Auz we get fresh pure egg whites in a carton. The frozen ones have things added to them. That way I don't have left over egg yolks.

Chef_marcs, Jul 20, 4:46 am

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